Jun 13, 2016

Beyond the Ice Limit (Gideon Crew, #4)

Beyond the Ice Limit (Gideon Crew, #4)Beyond the Ice Limit by Douglas Preston
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Glinn is ready to head back to the scene of the Rolvaag sinking, The Ice Limit, now that he is miraculously healed from eating the lotus, The Lost Island. He convinces Gideon Crew to accompany him, in order to destroy the alien seed that Glinn inadvertently planted in the ocean.

The seed is awake and is preying on Glinn's new crew, not only does the Baobab suck crew members who get to close into it's maw so it can extract their brains, a parasitic worm is brought on board the ship that can cause the infected crew members to do the Baobab's bidding.

Gideon has one shot at destroying the Baobab, but he may have to sacrifice his life to do so.

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Note: Gideon Crew is not in the original book The Ice Limit.  

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