Jun 16, 2016

Bathroom Remodel - Tub

 The tub rusted around the drain, so it had to be replaced. As you can see the Master Bath is very small. The new tub couldn't be wider than 30" due to the door frame. It fits right up against the door at 30". It was challenging to find a tub this small, as most of the standard tubs seem to be wider these days.

 While we were at it we decided to replace the vanity. It's also right against the door on the other side. I had to laugh when I looked on Pinterest Boards that were labeled Ideas for Small Bathrooms, they were all palatial compared to our very modest bathroom. I guess it is X-small.

 I liked the idea the cabinet people came up with to replace the cabinet on the left with 3 large drawers and to recess them slightly so there would be more room.

 This is the color they will be.

 We finally found a nice deep 30" wide Kohler Tub.

They seemed to be the only brand that had the size we needed. So at the moment the Master Bath, can't be used. We are waiting for the tile that is on order to come in, once it is installed hopefully the vanity will be finished (it's a custom piece but it has been or order for awhile). And I will finally get to take a bath in my new tub. ~Alasandra


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  2. Shower-only bathrooms are very popular these days and take up less space, but you can’t take a nice, hot soak in a shower! Like the tub you found. Making efficient use of small spaces, especially bathrooms, is challenging, but it looks like you’ve got some good ideas here. Thanks for posting this. It gave me a lot of knowledge.

    Essie Reed @ Valley Home Improvement

    1. Thanks Essie, with the new vanity I feel like I got a larger bathroom, and I could never be without a soaking tub.

      When we remodel the guest bathroom I may opt for a shower only in there as I would love to be able to wash the dogs in there. It's hard to convince them to jump in the tub and they are rather heavy to lift.


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