Jun 22, 2016

Property of a Noblewoman by Danielle Steel

Property of a NoblewomanProperty of a Noblewoman by Danielle Steel
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Incredibly sad book that revolves around the death of Marguerite Pearson who was disowned by her parents when she became pregnant out of wedlock at age 17. The baby was taken from her and raised by her parents and she was sent to Europe during World War II, where she meet an Italian Count and married him, but she never stopped thinking about the daughter she was forced to leave behind. She dies virtually penniless (except for a safety deposit box full of priceless jewelry) and alone in New York City. Without a will and with no apparent heirs the jewelry will be sold by the State.

Christie's is contacted and they send Philip to appraise the jewelry, he mentions the jewelry and Marguerite to his Mother as they have the same maiden name. Recognizing it as her older sister's name Valerie does some sleuthing and soon discovers that Marguerite was her Mother not her sister. She claims the jewelry, goes to Italy to connect with the Mother she never knew and falls in love. Meanwhile Philip falls in love with the State clerk who first showed him the jewelry.

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Jun 16, 2016

Blue by Danielle Steel

BlueBlue by Danielle Steel
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Very touching Ginny Carter joins SOS/HR after the tragic death of her husband and young son. She finds solace in helping others but on the anniversary of her husband and son's death she decides to end it all and then she meets Blue.

Blue is a young boy who has been left to fend for himself on the streets by his Aunt after the death of his Mother. Ginny first becomes his mentor helping him to get into a prestigious public school where his musical ability can be nurtured. Then after discovering that he was molested by a priest, his champion and guardian as they fight to put the priest in prison.

They find Andrew an idealistic lawyer who represents victims of priest free of charge and as they pursue justice for Blue, Andrew and Ginny fall in love.

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Bathroom Remodel - Tub

 The tub rusted around the drain, so it had to be replaced. As you can see the Master Bath is very small. The new tub couldn't be wider than 30" due to the door frame. It fits right up against the door at 30". It was challenging to find a tub this small, as most of the standard tubs seem to be wider these days.

 While we were at it we decided to replace the vanity. It's also right against the door on the other side. I had to laugh when I looked on Pinterest Boards that were labeled Ideas for Small Bathrooms, they were all palatial compared to our very modest bathroom. I guess it is X-small.

 I liked the idea the cabinet people came up with to replace the cabinet on the left with 3 large drawers and to recess them slightly so there would be more room.

 This is the color they will be.

 We finally found a nice deep 30" wide Kohler Tub.

They seemed to be the only brand that had the size we needed. So at the moment the Master Bath, can't be used. We are waiting for the tile that is on order to come in, once it is installed hopefully the vanity will be finished (it's a custom piece but it has been or order for awhile). And I will finally get to take a bath in my new tub. ~Alasandra

Jun 13, 2016

Beyond the Ice Limit (Gideon Crew, #4)

Beyond the Ice Limit (Gideon Crew, #4)Beyond the Ice Limit by Douglas Preston
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Glinn is ready to head back to the scene of the Rolvaag sinking, The Ice Limit, now that he is miraculously healed from eating the lotus, The Lost Island. He convinces Gideon Crew to accompany him, in order to destroy the alien seed that Glinn inadvertently planted in the ocean.

The seed is awake and is preying on Glinn's new crew, not only does the Baobab suck crew members who get to close into it's maw so it can extract their brains, a parasitic worm is brought on board the ship that can cause the infected crew members to do the Baobab's bidding.

Gideon has one shot at destroying the Baobab, but he may have to sacrifice his life to do so.

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Note: Gideon Crew is not in the original book The Ice Limit.  

Jun 6, 2016

The Obsession

The ObsessionThe Obsession by Nora Roberts
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Great Book!!!

At 12 Naomi exposes her Father's dirty secret saving Ashley's life and changing her family's life forever. Her Mother unable to live with the truth eventually takes her own life. While her brother (Mason) uses his history to become an FBI agent.  Naomi spends the next several years trying to outrun her past which is hard to do when there is a best selling book and a movie about you.

She finally settles in a remote town in Sunrise Cove, where she falls in love with a house in a remote locale. She buys the house and starts remodeling it, finds a dog (Tag), and falls in love for the first time ever. But someone from her past has followed her to Sunrise Cove and he starts killing women who resemble Naomi. Mason and the man she loves (Xander) will work over time to keep her safe. But the stalker is determined to have her and Naomi is equally determined to put him away for good and end his killing spree.

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Jun 3, 2016

Private India: City on Fire (Private, #8)

Private India: City on Fire (Private, #8)Private India: City on Fire by James Patterson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Santosh Wagh is head of Private India, tortured by the automobile accident that claimed the lives of his wife and young son his job and loyalty to Jack is the only thing that keeps him sober. When a series of high profile women are garroted to death with a yellow scarf Private India is engaged to solve the murders.

Assistant Commissioner Rupesh is a dirty cop with ties to organized crime, that Santosh is forced to work with on the case. Before the car accident they had been friends and the past friendship blinds Santosh to how dangerous his former friend really is. When Santosh gets to close to the killer's identify, Rupesh tries to kill him and loses his own life in the process.

Their first clue is a blurry photograph of a man at the hotel door of the first victim, but DNA recovered from a later victim points to the killer being a woman. Only when Santosh realizes that the first victim was a doctor who did sex reassignment surgery does the pieces fall in place allowing Santosh to identify the killer and locate him in time to rescue Nisha. They need to capture the killer alive as the transman is the lover of Nimboo Baba who is working with the Mujahideen to plant a bomb in the city. Unfortunately the trauma Hari endured at the hands of Rupesh leads to the killers death. So Jack visits Munna to get the answers he needs and barely escapes with his life.

In all honesty the bomb threat didn't seem relevant to the book and seemed like an attempt to give Jack (who wasn't very involved in the murder investigation even though he was romantically involved with one of the victims) something to do.

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