May 17, 2016

Hide Away (Eve Duncan, #20)

Hide Away (Eve Duncan, #20)Hide Away by Iris Johansen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the sequel to Shadow Play (Eve Duncan, #19), Eve takes Cara to Scotland to hide out from the various Mafia fractions that are after her. They join Caleb (who Joe sent to protect them), Jane, Jock and MacDuff in the Scottish Highlands on a quest for Cira's treasure. Jane soon starts having dreams about Cira again.

Cara develops a crush on Jock. When MacDuff is severely injured and Jock goes to seek revenge against the men that harmed him Cara follows him. Cara is taken prisoner by Salazar, Natalie Castino (her Mother) and Franco. Eve uses Cira's treasure to get the kidnappers to agree to a trade. Everything goes haywire when Natalie betrays Salazar, shoots Franco and flees with Cara in a helicopter. Now their only hope of rescuing Cara is Natalie's greed for money.

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