Apr 28, 2016

Private Paris (Private, #10)

Private Paris (Private, #10)Private Paris by James Patterson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Jack is visiting Private's Office in Paris when an important client calls asking him to help his granddaughter who is messed up with some very dangerous people. Even though she doesn't seem to want Jack's help, he persist in tracking her down and eventually rescues her from the drug lord who is holding her captive.

Private is also asked to help the police with several serial killings of prominent French citizens. The only clue is the tag left behind AB-16. Soon it begins to look as if AB-16 is a Muslim Terrorist cell out to destroy France and it's proud heritage. But Jack soon unmask the mastermind behind the group. A soldier who plans to use the outrage over AB-16 to commit atrocities against Muslim Immigrants and drive them out of France.

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