Mar 17, 2016

The Murder House

The Murder HouseThe Murder House by James Patterson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The only thing that kept it from being 5 Stars was the ending you don't always have to have a romantic ending Mr. Patterson and having Noah and Jenna moving in together as a couple at the end makes no sense, when there wasn't a romantic relationship established during the book. I mean exactly when did they fall in love, when Jenna lied on the stand and got Noah convicted? or was it when Noah held a gun on her convinced she was the ruthless killer who framed him?

The book is told from the point of view of three people Jenna (the cop) Noah (the man convicted of a crime he didn't commit) and Holden (the killer, who is obsessed with the Dahlquist family and the history of mental illness that runs through the male line).

The book opens with Noah being arrested for the murder of Melanie Phillips (former girlfriend) and Zachary Stern. Jenna doesn't think he is guilty after all when they go to arrest him he is getting it on with his new girlfriend Paige, but when she confronts her Uncle Langdon James (who is the Chief of Police) about it he suspends her from the force. Unbeknownst to her Paige's rich husband is paying Langdon to frame Noah. Paige pays Noah's bail and while he is out on bail Langdon is brutally murdered. Convinced that Noah killed her Uncle to keep him from testifying, Jenna goes to Noah's house to kill him, she winds up not killing him but lies on the stand to get him convicted. Noah is sentenced to life in prison.

Things start nagging at Jenna. First is the fact Noah supposedly shot someone in the eye during a school shooting when he was 12. Jenna quickly figures out there had to be two shooters and that it was the second shooter who shot the boy in the eye. Second she finds her Uncle's confession about framing Noah. She comes forward with that information and Noah's conviction is overturned, although Jenna still thinks he might be the killer.

Jenna is ordered to drop the investigation into the the murders by Chief Marks and when she continues to do so he suspends her. Jenna is also dealing with flashbacks relating to the time she was kidnapped as a small child. During one of the flashbacks she sees Aidan and is convinced he is the murderer. She tries to question him and he runs, when she breaks into his home she finds wax figurines in the basement. The bodies of two coeds who went missing years ago are found along with a bloody knife that has Aidan and Jenna's prints on it. Jenna is arrested for murder, and everyone is looking for Aidan. When it is later proved that the blood on the knife isn't the coeds and that the knife wasn't the murder weapon Jenna is released, but Chief Marks still thinks she is involved some how.

Returning to the murder house her memories of the kidnapping come back and she realizes that Aidan rescued her when she was a child. Before she can talk with Aidan he flees, Noah confronts Jenna with the information he discovered but before they can talk Justin enters. He tries to get Jenna to shoot Noah, but before Jenna makes a horrible mistake she remembers who kidnapped her.

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