Mar 23, 2016

Stars of Fortune (The Guardians Trilogy, #1)

Stars of Fortune (The Guardians Trilogy, #1)Stars of Fortune by Nora Roberts
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6 strangers meet on Corfu and work together to find the Fire Star, and protect it from the Evil Nerezza.

Sasha Riggs (Seer) a famous painter from North Carolina is plagued by dreams so real she packs her bags and heads to Corfu where she sees one of the women from her dreams sitting on the hotel terrace. Approaching Riley (archeologist and werewolf) she expects to be meet with ridicule when she mentions her dreams but instead Riley hears her out and they are soon approached by Bran (witch). Bran and Riley share their knowledge of the Fire Star and the 3 set out to find it. Traveling to the villa Riley arranges for them to house sit, they discover Sawyer (time and place traveler) walking along the side of the road and invite him to accompany them as Sasha recognizes him from her dreams. While they are settling in Sawyer goes walking on the beach and meets Annika (mermaid), who accompanies him back to the villa.

The Five set out to explore a cave where they are attacked by vicious hybrid bats. Doyle (immortal) saves them with his sword and Bran uses his wizard abilities to protect them. Doyle accompanies them back to the villa and slowly the Six become a team and share their secrets.

The Fire Star is found, Nerezza is defeated and Bran hides the Fire Star away in Ireland using a portal, then the Six head to Capri to hunt for the Water Star.

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