Mar 1, 2016

Love my Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Hubby generously offered to get me a tablet for Valentines. After I thought about it I decided I would rather have an upgrade on my phone, I had a Samsung Galaxy S III and when I saw this phablet I knew I had found exactly what I wanted.

I was pleasantly surprised by it's size after having a few friends say they thought it was "too big". It fits comfortably in my hand (I do have long fingers), and fits in my wallet. It's just a little longer than my Hubby's Galaxy S4.

The screen is awesome, I like to watch TV shows on it, while I fold clothes. The sound is fantastic much better than the Galaxy S III's. I got a stand for it so I am really enjoying this.

The camera is great again better than the Galaxy S III's, has lots of different modes. I haven't taken a lot of pictures with it yet as I haven't gotten my Otterbox and am afraid of dropping it. But I have been very pleased with what I have shot and it allows for instant sharing with Facebook, which I love. You can also instantly upload you videos to You Tube.

I haven't used the S Pen that much, but it does write well. 

The battery is awesome, the phone stays charged. The wireless charging is a huge plus in my opinion and the fast charge when you plug it into an outlet is fantastic. 

I love the Gold Platinum color, my Otterbox is pink and grey.

So I think it'll look nice together. I have made it nice and girly with a pink screen and hearts and flowers. I love the options it has to customize your screen.

It gets an A+ rating in my book.

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