Mar 27, 2016

Breakdown (Alex Delaware #31)

Breakdown (Alex Delaware #31)Breakdown by Jonathan Kellerman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It kept me guessing to the very last chapter.

When it starts out there really isn't a crime to investigate, Alex just wants to make sure that Ovid Chase (who he saw as a favor to Lou Sherman, before he died) is OK after his homeless Mother (who Lou was treating) is taken into custody on a 5150. No one seems to know what happened to the boy and Zelda is unable to tell them, so Alex ask Milo to help him find the boy. When Zelda is released from custody Alex helps her find a place to stay but before he can question her about Ovid's whereabouts she disappears.

Zelda turns up dead in socialite Enid DePauw's garden, with her history of trespassing no one thinks anything of it even after Bernstein discovers she was poisoned. It's assumed she accidentally ingested something in the garden that killed her. But then Alex catches Enid in a lie and when Milo and Alex realize that both Enid's housekeeper and another domestic the housekeeper was friendly with are missing they start to get suspicious. After visiting her lawyer's office Milo discovers that the lawyer's former assistant died from poisoning under mysterious circumstances. But they can't find a connection until they start digging into the past. When they discover that Enid is Zelda's Aunt and a fortune is at stake, Alex fears that Ovid was just one more obstacle in Enid's path to inheriting the entire family fortune.

Slowly Milo builds a case against Enid and her lawyer, but even after they are in custody Alex fears he will never learn Ovid's fate until a phone call from Lou's wife changes everything.

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