Feb 22, 2016

The Bands of Mourning (Mistborn, #6)

The Bands of Mourning (Mistborn, #6)The Bands of Mourning by Brandon Sanderson
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The book begins with Wayne wrecking Steris and Wax's wedding by creating a flood. Shortly thereafter Wax is manipulated by the Faceless Immortals into helping find ReLuur's missing Blessing. looking for the Lord Ruler's Bands of Mourning, and investigating "The Suit's" experiments.

Wayne, MeLaan (one of the Faceless Immortals), Marasi, Steris, and Wax set out for New Seran. Where they discover The Suit is fomenting a rebellion. After one of the rebel leaders is murdered, and Wax is framed for the murder, the group has to leave town swiftly. They make the choice to follow the clue Marasi and Wayne uncovered about where The Suit and ReLuur's Blessing may be.

Once there they discover The Suit is in possession of a technologically advanced "ship" that crashed. Marasi releases Allik (He is one of the Malwish people who live far to the South past The Roughs. Supposedly The Lord Ruler came to them after Vin killed him and helped them survive the cold that Harmony brought to their land when he remade the World. Their myths tell of a temple that house the Bands of Mourning), who is one of the last survivors from the crash. The Suit has tortured the others to death trying to get answers. Wax "rescues" Telsin (his sister) and with Allik's help the group escapes in a small ship concealed in the larger ship.

They head to the temple and get there before The Suit does. The Suit ask to talk to Wax and Wax allows him to enter the temple. MeLaan was badly injured when she and Wax explored the temple setting off numerous booby traps. Wax is taken by surprise when Telsin shoots him and grievously injured falls into a pit. Together Telsin and The Suit overcome the rest. Telsin removes MeLaan's Blessing and she dissolves into goo. Wayne manages to escape but the others are taken prisoner. Telsin orders The Suit to go find Wax and make sure he is dead.

Wax figures out the real Bands of Mourning are hidden somewhere in the pit, but before he can reach them his Uncle (The Suit) confronts him. His Uncle triggers a cave in and takes the Bands of Mourning, but he can't get them to work. Crushed by the cave in Wax dies, a heartbroken Wayne takes his shotgun and goes after Telsin.

Marasi figures out that the piece of the statue that Wayne took and then left with her when he took ReLuur's Blessing is the real Bands of Mourning. She uses it to escape and save Wax. Wax overcomes all the bad guys and makes a treaty with the surviving Malwish. Wayne shot Telsin, but left her alive believing that Wax would want him too and she escapes. He did get the blessings back from her and MeLaan is restored. The Suit is taken to prison where he expects to be rescued by creatures with glowing red eyes, but unfortunately for him they have decided they longer need his help on this sphere and he is killed.

Wax has fallen in love with Steris and they are married in a private ceremony.

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