Feb 15, 2016

After She's Gone

After She's GoneAfter She's Gone by Lisa Jackson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This is a sequel to Deep Freeze

Cassie, the rebellious teen from Deep Freeze is now a paranoid, timid woman who lives in fear. Estranged from her husband after Allie makes a play for him (Trent rejected Allie, but Cassie can't believe anyone prefers her to Allie), Cassie checks herself into a mental hospital, after Allie disappears and Allie's double on the set of the movie they are making was shot.

While in the mental hospital Cassie sees a nurse dressed in retro garb who tells her Allie is OK. This convinces Cassie to check out of the hospital and start looking for her sister, even though almost everyone think the nurse was a figment of Cassie's imagination. Then women connected to the movie are killed and mask of Jenna (Allie and Cassie's Mother) and Allie are placed on their corpse with the words sister and mother written on the back of them. Everything points to Cassie as the killer.

Reunited with Trent Cassie sets out to prove her innocence. When Jenna reveals that as a teen she had a child out of wedlock that she gave up for adoption the investigation starts to move in the right direction. But it may be to late for Trent and Cassie who are trapped in his barn with the killer who is determined to kill as many people as possible before "she" dies. When Allie shows up her alliance with the "mad sister" is revealed and Cassie has to fight both of them to survive.

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