Jan 13, 2016

The Golem of Paris (Detective Jacob Lev, #2)

The Golem of Paris (Detective Jacob Lev, #2)The Golem of Paris by Jonathan Kellerman
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This book picks up two years after The Golem of Hollywood ends. Jacob is still estranged from his Father and Bina's condition is unchanged, when Jacob comes across a file (with Mai's help) in the archive Mallick has him working in. When Bina sees the file she tries to communicate with Jacob put he doesn't understand her agitation at first.

Jacob finally talks to Sam and learns about Bina's time in Prague (as much as Sam knows) and that her time in Prague working for Mallick's friends changed her. He also learns that Bina is descended from the MaHaRal and Perel, through her Father. Jacob is descended from the MaHaRal through both his parents, who were unaware of their "family connection" until after Jacob's birth.

Jacob's investigation leads him to the Russian Doctor Tremsin (who tortured Bina and ordered her death) and takes him to Paris with Schott as his bodyguard. While Schott sleeps Jacob sneaks out of their room at the hostel and is followed by Tremsin's head of security Molchanov (who is one of the angel people like Schott and Mallick but working for someone else), he escapes from Molchanov by entering an abandoned synagogue and winds up spending a romantic interlude with Mai. Detective Breton dies (under mysterious circumstances) before he can share what he knows with Jacob, but one of his men (Vallot) tells him what he knows, shares information with him and warns him against Detective Pelletier who seems to be working for/with Tremsin.

After Jacob and Schott visit the Russian Embassy, Detective Pelletier picks them up and takes them to Tremsin's compound. Molchanov separates Jacob and Schott and Schott is killed trying to get to Jacob. Jacob is taken to Tremsin, where he discovers that Molchanov was the one who killed the Single Mother's and their children. Detective Pelletier injects Tremsin with a solution that causes a heart attack, similar to what happened with Breton. When Jacob notes the similarity Detective Pelletier tries to kill him. Molchanov kills Pelletier and then uses Jacob as bait to get Mai to rescue him. Mai nearly dies saving Jacob, but Jacob manages to get away and kill Molchanov (who turns to blue dust as did Schott), and uses his own blood to heal Mai enough for her to fly away.

Jacob recovers in the hospital and once he returns home Jan (from Prague) reveals that their was a similar killing in Prague during the time Bina was there. He also reveals Bina's connection to Majka (the woman who was killed in Prague) and Petr Wichs (who was a young boy at the time of the murder). Jacob and Sam visit Bina together and he tells Bina that Tremsin and Molchanov are dead. This seems to bring Bina some peace.

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