Jan 19, 2016

Night Magic by Thomas Tryon

Night MagicNight Magic by Thomas Tryon
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I liked the part that took place in Ancient Egypt the best. Once we moved to the present day it seemed to drag out.

An ancient Canaanite whose magical abilities come to the attention of an Egyptian Prince who dabbles in magic, has one eye removed in retaliation for stealing "the Eye of Horus" and is hung after the Prince becomes ill and the Canaanite takes the Eye of Horus from the Prince's body. The Canaanite then seemingly returns to life, learning from other magicians including Christ and Merlin. In modern day New York City he is known as Max and runs the Little Cairo Museum of Wonders with his assistant Lena who hears voices and allows others to take over her body and "write". She then tries to interpret the writings.

Max meets Michael a young street magician who wants to learn "Night Magic", Max uses his skills to entice Michael into his orbit and than offers to take him on as an apprentice. Max also used his magical abilities to steal the Eye of Horus from the Museum. Michael's girlfriend Emily doesn't like Max and resents the fact that Max has Michael move in with him and Lena and ends her sexual relationship with Michael. Emily tries to expose Max to Michael by working with them, but her efforts are futile. Michael is willing to give everything up to learn "Night Magic".

In the end Max somehow transfers his abilities to Michael in a dazzling magical display, in an effort to save Michael, Emily follows Max into the cabinet. When the show is over Emily is dead and all that remains of Max is his glass eye.

The plot itself was interesting but I found it hard to care about any of the characters.

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