Jan 8, 2016

Make Me (Jack Reacher #20)

Make Me (Jack Reacher #20)Make Me by Lee Child
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Reacher stops at Mother's Rest because he is curious about the name. He is quickly embroiled in a dangerous situation when the residents of MR assume that he is working with Michelle Chang a former FBI agent turned private investigator. Her partner Keever has disappeared while working on a case in MR, after he called Chang in for backup.

First they have to discover what Keever was working on. Slowly they gather the information to find Keever's client (McCann), unfortunately McCann is murdered before they find him. Fortunately Reacher's quick reflexes allow them to escape the assassin. Their questioning of the next door neighbor reveals one clue McCann has a sister that he confided in. After talking to the sister they realize that McCann was searching for his son Michael, who suffers from anhedonia. And that he contacted the reporter Westwood because of his article on the Deep Web. Using Westwood's contact on the article they discover that Mother's Rest was advertising assisted suicides on the Deep Web. Just one problem Reacher doesn't think assisted suicides would net enough money to hire the muscle that was sent after them or have someone kill to protect, and of course he is right.

When Westwood, Reacher and Chang return to MR they discover that the people Mother's Rest promised to help die in a peaceful humane manner were instead being brutally murdered to make snuff films.

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