Dec 18, 2015

Words are Suppose to Have Meanings

When words lose their meaning chaos issues. I blogged about it way back in 2006 when public school students were trying to co-opt the homeschool label.

Now the insidious mislabeling of things has crept into ranges. There are basically three type of ranges; slide in, drop in and free standing. This used to be the definition of a slide in.

A slide-in cooking range has contoured sides with a slightly-protruding cooktop, which allows the installer to slide it in between the cabinets, so that the cooktop actually rests on top of the countertop on each side. There must be cabinets on each side of this range model, since the side panels are not finished as found on a freestanding stove, but have alignment grooves.
Due to my kitchen layout I have to have a slide in range, there isn't a choice in the matter. So when Hubby offered to buy me a new range for Christmas I was thrilled when I found one I liked. Unfortunately stores don't seem to have any on display, or even in stock so you are forced into ordering them online from a picture. But from the picture the Slide-In Range with Large Capacity Oven and EvenJet™ Convection LSE3090ST Stainless Steel was just what I wanted, it has the knobs on the front of the range, which is what I want.We ordered it and it even came in before Christmas, Hubby offered to go ahead and install it as the burners on my current cooktop give me fits. Imagine our dismay when the range that is clearly labeled a Slide-In Range didn't have a protruding cooktop, like it was suppose to. This is a Free Standing Range, and should be labeled as such.

I guess I'll be keeping my old range a while longer until manufactures start making slide in ranges with the knobs on the front like I want.  Kuddos to Best Buy for taking it back and giving us a full refund.

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