Dec 14, 2015

Tell Me (Savannah #3)

Tell Me (Savannah #3)Tell Me by Lisa Jackson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I had trouble getting into it and it seemed to drag, the interviews interspersed throughout the book made the narrative confusing and hard to follow.

Blondell (what a stupid name) O'Henry was sent to prison for killing her daughter Amity and shooting her two younger children, on the testimony of her young son (Niall). Now Niall is saying that his testimony was coerced by the lead cop on the case who happened to be a former lover of Blondell's and Amity's biological Father.

Reed and his partner are tasked with finding evidence to prove Blondell's guilt, but Reed begins to suspect she isn't the killer.

Nikki is determined to turn Blondell's story into a true crime novel. Her "research" begins to uncover family secrets. Nikki first begins to question her families involvement with Blondell when she questions why Blondell and her children were staying at the cabin Nikki's family owned, she then begins to wonder who Fathered the baby Amity was carrying when she was killed. And both questions lead back to her Uncle.

When Nikki visits the cabin for the first time someone leaves a snake in her car and she and Reed are eager to discover who feels so threatened by the truth coming out that they would kill to stop it. When Nikki discovers that Effie has been following her she goes to confront her only to find Effie missing and tons of pictures of Nikki's family. Realizing that Effie is her Aunt Penelope's daughter that she put up for adoption she is nevertheless outraged to discover that Effie plans to steal Nikki's book. Seeing that Effie plans to meet Roland Camp at the cabin she follows Effie there. She finds Effie dead and Roland desperate to hide his involvement the night of Amity's death. Nikki manages to get away from Roland only to discover that he wasn't the killer............................

After visiting her Aunt Penelope in prison Reed and Nikki elope.

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