Dec 1, 2015

Saint Odd (Odd Thomas, #7)

Saint Odd (Odd Thomas, #7)Saint Odd by Dean Koontz
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It seemed to drag, maybe because I dreaded Odd's death but the ending turned out to be a joyous reuniting of Odd and Stormy.

Odd returns home to foil the plot of the worshipers of Meridian. Hailing from Meridian MS I cracked up every time the demon Meridian and his cult was mentioned, which more than likely was not the authors intent. Dreaming of a flood, Odd almost missed the true plot of the cultist. At the last moment (as always) he figures out how they plan to destroy the town and foils them but this time the cost is his own life.

One minor point of annoyance at the end of the book Ozzie Boone refers to this as the eighth book.
Mystified, I took the stack already in the tray and found that in my hands I held his eighth and final manuscript.
So either the author made a mistake when writing the ending or there is an Odd Thomas book we have yet to read that took place before this one and was for some reason left out of the series.

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