Dec 7, 2015

Born of Betrayal (The League, #8)

Born of Betrayal (The League, #10)Born of Betrayal by Sherrilyn Kenyon
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For anyone who has read the Dark Hunter Series I don't think it came as any surprise that Nykyrian eton Anatole's twin Prince Jullien eton Anatole has been turned into a hero. I sincerely hope the next book is his and that it comes out soon as he has been captured by his Grandmother, Queen Eriadne, who would have slaughtered the entire royal family, as well as their friends who were taking shelter in the palace if Jullien hadn't risked his life to save them. The book ends with Queen Eriadne still in control of Andaria.

Fain and Galene get off to a rough start after she shoots him the minute she catches sight of him. Their relationship is further complicated by the fact that Fain assumes Talyn is her hot young boyfriend. When he realizes Talyn is his son he is mortified by all the times he was not there for the woman he loves and their son. Turns out that Fain went stralen for Galene the first and only time they made love, he was afraid she would be punished if anyone realized they had sex before their unification ceremony so he was trying to hide the fact he was stralen for her. When Merrell eton Anatole threatened to kill Dancer and Keris if Fain didn't give Galene up, then lied to Galene about Fain sleeping with Omira, Fain didn't know what to do. Believing that if she hated him Galene could find happiness married to Merrell he didn't deny it when she confronted him about sleeping with Omira.

Since his family (except for Dancer) disowned him and he was banished from Andaria, he didn't know that Galene never married and that the Iron Hammer was her Bastard son. Fain took Omira with him as she was trying to get away from her abusive Father. Shortly after he caught Omira in bed with another man Fain was captured by slavers. Braxen Venik (Leader of the Porturnum Tavali) captured the ship he was on, their relationship started out as very abusive and Fain is his slave. Braxen Venik also claims that he can push a button and kill Fain at any time. He had Fain turned into a Rogue pirate (cyborg technology was implanted in Fain that allows him to become one with his ship. The Tavali will kill to keep this technology secret). Fain is horrified that he almost killed his son when he was flying against the Andarions. Talyn advises Fain never to tell Galene as she won't be able to forgive him for almost killing Talyn and costing him his leg.

Talyn becomes closer to Fain after Fain has Felicia brought to the station and gives Talyn "papers" claiming Talyn as his son. Talyn is now able to marry Felicia who is pregnant with his child. Galene welcomes Fain back into her bed, which saves his life as an assassin broke into the adjoining room where Talyn had been sleeping. Fain switched rooms with him when Felicia arrived to give the couple more privacy.

Several bombs are planted on the station one near Fain's adopted children's quarters, but Gavarian ezul Terronova (Felicia's nephew) got them to safety, before the bomb went off. Because he was near where the bomb was planted the Tavali are going to arrest him, but Fain is unable to allow the innocent young man to go to prison for a crime he didn't commit so reveals to all that he shot Talyn (Viper) and Gavarian down and that they have known it from the moment they saw his ship. Galene is furious with Talyn and Fain for not telling her earlier.

Another bomb almost kills Venik and Hermione Dane, but Fain is able to defuse it with Galene's help. She claims him as her husband while they are defusing the bomb, and Venik promises Fain his freedom as a unification present.

Fain finally discovers that the traitor on board the station is a jealous Malys Venik (Braxen's wife). Queen Eriadne told Malys that Talyn was Braxen's son and that Galene was his mistress, so she has been trying to kill Talyn, Braxen and Galene. She has assassins going after Talyn who has just been arrested on her orders. Fain rushes to save him but the bomb goes off trapping Fain and Talyn. Talyn begins to go into shock and realizing that the fastest way to get Talyn out and the help he needs involves crushing himself Fain insist on being allowed to sacrifice himself for his son. Talyn is freed and Fain is being crushed to death when Nero and Hadrian show up and use their combined telepathic powers to save him, but they aren't strong enough to hold the wall. Just when it looks like Fain will be crushed the mysterious and very powerful Trajen (Tavali High Admiral and Leader of the Gorturnum) shows up. We find out right away that Trajen is a Trisani who is even more powerful than Nero and Hadrian combined. He not only prevents the wall from crushing Fain he immediately heals Fain and Talyn. Nero immediately identifies him as his younger brother, who he thought was dead. Trajen is angry because when their planet (Trisa) was attacked Nero left the young Trajen with his Mother and sister (Julia) on an escape pod and went back to rescue his baby brother (Hadrian) and older brother (Augustan). Augustan was killed in front of him, but thanks to Augustan using his powers to teleport Hadrian to Nero and telling Nero to run, Hadrian and Nero survived. Trajen wasn't so lucky his uncle sold Trajen and Julia into slavery and their Mother was ruthlessly slaughtered in front of them, when she tried to save them.

When Braxen refuses to allow his wife to be punished Galen insist on relocating the Andarions. Julian's wife, Ushara of the Fyreblood Clan of Altaan ( Trajen's second in command) offers to give them refuge wth the Gorturnum. They arrive and are reunited with the family members who were in the palace but Julian isn't with them. They discover that he lead Eriadne's troops away so the others could escape and that not only did Cairistiona's troops refuse to help him they turned a badly injured Julian over to them in order to escape. To make matters worse "The League" has a thrill kill warrant on him.

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