Nov 2, 2015


WhispersWhispers by Lisa Jackson
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This isn't actually a new book but a reprint. First printing June 1996 revised August 2003 and I guess this is yet another revision.

16 years ago the Holland sisters concocted an alibi and agreed never to speak of what happened the night Harley Taggert died, but when their Father decides to run for office he hires a Private Investigator to find out what really happened that night.

Miranda aka Randa the oldest sister was involved with Hunter Riley (the stable hand) she was devastated when he disappeared after she told him she was pregnant. Now his body has been discovered and Randa realizes Riley intended to keep his promise to marry her. Determined to discover who killed him and why she suspects Weston Taggert, the man who claimed Riley was working for the Taggerts in Canada.

Tessa the youngest sister was involves with Weston Taggert until she realized it was her older sister he wanted. When she witnessed Weston brutally raping Randa she followed him to the marina and attacked him but to her dismay it was his younger brother she hit with the rock. Beliving she is responsible for Harley's death she finds it hard to live with herself.

Clair St. John is the middle sister and she returns with her two children almost 16 year old Sean and his younger sister after her ex-husband is convicted of statutory rape. Clair had ended her engagement to Harley the night he died, due to her growing attraction to Kane Moran. Their torrid affair ended when he joined the army. Now Kane is a journalist and he is determined to uncover the secrets buried 16 years ago, especially who killed his best friend Jack Songbird.

But the killer is equally determined to keep his secrets buried and protect his empire. Kane has one shot to save the woman he still loves and their son, ultimately their fate is in the hands of a mysterious stranger who may be the killer's hired gun.

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