Oct 19, 2015

The Morning After (Savannah #2)

The Morning After (Savannah #2)The Morning After by Lisa Jackson
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The book begins when "The Grave Robber" buries Bobbi Jean alive. A note is left for Reed and he is pulled into the investigation. Reed also falls under suspicion as Bobbi Jean was carrying his baby at the time of her death.

But more notes arrive for Reed and more people die. Eventually Nikki starts receiving notes of her own and Reed taken off the case due to his personal involvement acts as her body guard. Only after Nikki's friend Simone is killed do they connect the murders with the Chevalier case. The recently released Chevalier becomes the police number one suspect but Reed, doesn't think they are on the right track.

A frantic phone call from her Mom has Nikki walking into a trap, and she soon finds herself buried alive with the body of her Dad. Desperate to find Nikki before it's to late Reed follows the clues to the latest grave only to discover it's sole occupant is Chevalier. Putting the pieces together he realizes that Chevalier didn't kill the Gillette family, instead the killer was the only survivor of the family massacre. Joey staged the murder of his Mother, older brother & sister in order to frame Chevalier and punish his family for allowing Chevalier to sexually abuse him. Now he is killing the people Joey views as responsible for Chevalier's release from prison. Nikki's only chance to survive is to use the gun her Father kept strapped to his ankle if she can get to it in time.

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