Oct 15, 2015

Shadow Play (Eve Duncan, #19)

Shadow Play (Eve Duncan, #19)Shadow Play by Iris Johansen
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When Jenny's body is found in the woods Nalchek is determined to find her killer, and keep the dark secrets surrounding her death hidden. He sends Jenny's skull to Eve for reconstruction in order to learn the identity of the 9 year old child who was killed at least 8 years ago.

Eve soon learns this reconstruction will be different from the others when Jenny starts talking to her. The reconstruction proceeds with amazing speed and with very detailed results right down to the green eye color, thanks to Jenny's input. Eve is soon sending the skull back to Nalchek by FedEx, but no sooner does the FedEx driver pick up the skull then he is shot and killed and Eve is lured from her cabin long enough for her computer to be stolen and all her notes on the skull taken.

Eve ask Jenny to keep her killer from destroying the skull if she can and heads to California with Joe to try to track down the skull. She calls Margaret and ask for her help. Margaret learns that a coyote had been guarding the grave and that Nalchek as well as the killer and "the Other" had been visiting the woods around the grave. Margaret and Nalchek develop a "relationship" in spite of their mutual distrust of each other.

Joe is wounded when he and Eve retrieve the skull from Walsh. Elena sees the picture of Jenny in the paper and realizes that Cara is in danger. She sends Cara to hide in the cave and tries to lure Walsh away. Walsh captures Elena and tortures her until she reveals where Cara is. Walsh leaves Elena for dead and goes after Cara.

Eve finds a dying Elena and she tells Eve where Cara is and that she told Walsh. Eve, Margaret and Nalchek head for Spider Nest Cave to rescue Cara. Joe shows up in time to save Cara's life.

Eve and Joe plan to "adopt" Cara whose name will be changed to protect her. And Eve discovers she is pregnant.

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