Sep 26, 2015

The Murderer's Daughter

The Murderer's DaughterThe Murderer's Daughter by Jonathan Kellerman
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Grace seems unbelievable. We first meet her as the child of two white trash parents who neglect her until she is five, when Grace's Mother kills her Father, than herself. Grace then winds up in the foster system where she is moved from home to home until winding up at Ramona's Ranch. The recurring them is "HOW SMART GRACE IS" this point is going to be hammered into us over and over again.

Fast forward to the adult Grace who is a successful therapist who engages in random sex with strangers. Her latest sexcapade with a man who calls himself Roger backfires on her when he winds up at Grace's office the next day as her new patient Arthur. Due to embarrassment and moral quandaries Arthur leaves her office without revealing why he came to see her. Shortly thereafter Arthur is murdered and the only clue the police have is Grace's office card hidden in Arthur's shoe. When questioned Grace lies to the police, to keep her sexcapade with Roger/Arthur a secret. But whoever killed Arthur/Typhon plans to take Grace out too. Grace lays a trap and kills one of the hired thugs who comes after her and hides his body. An old newspaper clipping provides Grace with the clue that Arthur was one of three mysterious children (Samael Coyote Roi, Typhon Dagon Roi and Lilith Lamia Roi) she meet when staying at Ramona's Ranch.

Then we flash back to her childhood where the oldest of the three children (Samael) unhooked the oxygen from one of the children under Ramona's care leading to the child's death and Ramona dying from a heart attack. Luckily for Grace she was then taking in by Ramona's brother in law, Max and his wife Sophie who eventually adopted her. More about how smart Grace is, and her success in academia and then professionally. With the reoccurring theme that Grace is smarter than everyone else.

Since Grace was conveniently planning to go on vacation after her appointment with Arthur, she uses her free time to track down Samael/Roger/Dion and kill him, and his remaining henchman.

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