Sep 18, 2015

Archmage (Homecoming #1; The Legend of Drizzt #28)

Archmage (Homecoming #1; The Legend of Drizzt #28)Archmage by R.A. Salvatore
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Drizzt doesn't have much of a role in this book, but apparently Jarlaxle is setting Drizzt up to return to Menzoberranzan and take control from the Matron Mothers.

Bruenor leads an army of dwarves to Gauntlgrym and they begin to take it back from the drow with help from the Harpells.

Tiago and Doum'wielle attack Drizzt, when he is out scouting on his own. Doum'wielle almost kills Drizzt before Jarlaxle intervenes. Bruenor finds a wounded Drizzt and Catti-brie uses all her skill to keep him alive. Drizzt lingers in a coma until the dwarves need him to save them from the demons the drow unleashed on them, Drizzt awakens to fight the demons at Jarlaxle's urging.

Kimmuriel Oblodra secretly implants instructions in Gromph Baenre's mind in hopes of freeing his Mother (K'yorl) from the lower planes where she was rumored to be enslaved by a balor. Unfortunately Kimmuriel was tricked by the Spider Queen and when Gromph enacts the incantation he releases Demogorgon. Gromph flees Menzoberranzan for Gauntlgrym where he warns them to close the chamber before Demogorgon follows him. All the wizards work together to seal the chamber. Matron Mother Zeerith (Jarlaxle's sometime lover) and Gromph take refuge among the dwarves. Catti-brie makes plans for Archmage Gromph to rebuild the Hosttower.

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