Aug 9, 2015

Dragonbane (Hellchaser, #7; Dark Hunter #24)

Dragonbane (Hellchaser, #7; Dark Hunter #24)Dragonbane by Sherrilyn Kenyon
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It's great!!!!!

Max has been reunited with his brother Illarion who is adjusting to life in modern day New Orleans. Aimee is running Sanctuary (which has it's license back) and life is going pretty smoothly for Maxis until his wife and her Amazonian tribe show up. They are there to capture Maxis and turn him over to Kessar. Seraphina (Max's mate) doesn't reveal his presence to her tribe after they invade Sanctuary looking for him, but stays behind and reveals to Max that he has a son and daughter (Hadyn and Edena) and that Kessar will kill them if they don't turn Max over to him.

Max's friends plan to help him rescue his children even after he reveals that he is the Dragonbane (supposedly responsible for the war between the Arcadians and Katagaria. Max and Illarion were captured by Dagon and used to save King Lycaon's Apollite sons (Eumon and Linus) from Apollo's curse by creating the Were-Hunters. Hadyn and Edena are able to get away from Kessar but are captured by Dare (Fang, Fury and Vane's brother), Max goes alone and rescues them. The family is reunited and Max recovers from his wounds, before the demands for Maxis to be turned over the the Omegrion Council for sentencing have Savitar issuing a summons. Everyone at Sanctuary vows to stand behind Maxis. Savitar has little patience with those who want to judge Maxis and chooses to reveal what really happened. King Lycaon ordered that all the Were-Hunters except for his sons be killed, Eumon released the caged Were_Hunters but Linus who was angry that he had been joined with a wolf instead of a dragon sided with his Father and wanted to have them all killed. Maxis and Illarion were trying to protect themselves and the other Were-Hunters, Illarion attacked Linus, Eumon and Maxis were trying to break them up when they stumbled and Eumon was accidentally stabbed. With his dying breath Eumon asked Maxis and Illarion to safe guard his wife and removed the collar that was preventing Max from shape-shifting. Maxis took dragon form and carried Illarion (who was still trapped in human form) and Helena (Eumon's pregnant wife) to the beach where he summoned Savitar and asked for his protection for the Were-Hunters. Savitar granted his protection and prevented King Lycaon from killing the Were-Hunters that were still alive. The council not only side with Maxis many of them acknowledge the debt of gratitude they owe him. Illarion is made Regis as he was the one made from Prince Eumon's blood. (I thought this was a good thing, but...............future events will make this problematic)

Thorn and Cadegan show up barely alive and reveal Apollo escaped from Apollymi and is attacking Olympus. Everyone divides into groups with Savitar taking a group to Apollymi's realm to make sure she is OK. (Seems like Savitar and Apollymi have some sort of relationship which I hope is explored more in future books). The others join the fight in Olympus or return to Sanctuary to protect those there. Maxis and Illarion are together when Illarion hears the song his late wife Edilyn liked being sung by Apollo. Apollo claims that if Illarion fights for him he will be reunited with Edilyn. Illarion joins Apollo and Maxis is stabbed in the heart. He makes it back to Sanctuary but there is nothing Carson can do to save him.

Falcyn breaks his oath and uses dark magic to bring Maxis back to life and stays with Maxis to help Maxis knock some sense into Illarion. (Falcyn also seems to like Tisiphone, so maybe he sticks around a little bit to romance her.)

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