Aug 7, 2015

Dangerous Deception (Dangerous Creatures, #2)

Dangerous Deception (Dangerous Creatures, #2)Dangerous Deception by Kami Garcia
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Can't wait for the next book in the series.

Link survives the car crash only to discover Ridley is missing. Locked away in the bowels of Silas Ravenwood's Estate Ridley is pumped full of drugs and experimented on. Her new powers leave her craving more and adverse to the smell of mortals.

Link and his friends set out to find Ridley But Nox finds her first. To his surprise she refuses to leave with him as she wants more of the powers Silas can give her. She also wants more of Nox as he seems to feed her powers.

When Link and his friends arrive on the scene Ridley tells him that she no longer loves him. Ridley and Nox follow Silas to Los Angles where Ridley plans to force Silas to make her immortal. But when Link finds his name carved into the nightstand in Ridley's cell he vows not to give up on their love.

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