Jul 12, 2015

Truth or Die

Truth or DieTruth or Die by James Patterson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Great book, the best Patterson I have read in awhile.

When a boy genius (he isn't even old enough to drink) discovers that his work is being used by the CIA to torture and kill people he contacts Claire (a reporter) to get the story out. But on the way to meet Owen, Claire is killed in a carjacking.

Her boyfriend Trevor Mann doesn't buy it was a random carjacking and is able to discover the address Claire was going to. To his surprise he finds the man who carjacked Claire's taxi dead in the bathtub, in the hotel room Claire was headed to. More convinced then ever that something fishy is going on he sets up a meet. But the people he intends to meet are playing for keeps. Owen warns him and the two go on the run trying to stay ahead of the people (CIA) who want them dead, while gathering enough evidence to put the bad guys away.

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