Jul 6, 2015

The Liar

The LiarThe Liar by Nora Roberts
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When Shelby's husband "Richard" dies in a boating accident she discovers he was a thief and murderer who left her with a 4 year old daughter (Callie) and a mountain of debt. She returns to Rendezvous Ridge, where she grew up surrounded by a loving family and a close knit community.

She starts working at her Grandmother Viola's Beauty Parlor and Spa as well as singing at a local nightclub to make ends meet, while living with her parents Ada May and Clayton. She soon patches things up with her best friend Emma Kate and helps her plan her wedding to Matt. While starting a relationship with Griff (Matt's best friend), who is totally in love with her and her daughter.

Then a woman shows up in town claiming to be "Richard's" wife and demanding that Shelby share the money from the jewel heist she went to prison for with her. Shortly thereafter the woman is killed in the nightclub's parking lot then "Richard's" former partner, Jimmy shows up. He searches Griff's home and computers as well as Ada May and Clayton's home. But since Shelby doesn't know anything he doesn't find what he needs to claim the money. Forrest (Shelby's brother and a local officer of the law) contacts the FBI and they question Shelby.

Shelby has to leave Matt and Emma Kate's engagement part early to retrieve a stuffed animal for her daughter and surprises "Richard" getting a key from the picture frame he hid it in, before he faked his death. He kidnaps her but she manages to text her location to Griff. Griff and the cops arrive moments after Jimmy attacks Richard (who tried to kill him) and Shelby is able to get Richard's gun and shoot him in self defense.

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