Jul 25, 2015

Nowhere to Run (Nowhere, #1)

Nowhere to Run (Nowhere, #1)Nowhere to Run by Nancy Bush
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

On Livvie Dugan's sixth birthday her adopted Mother supposedly committed suicide. 19 years later Livvie received a package from a law firm that they held until her 25th birthday. Her Mother put her birth certificate, some pictures and a personal note in the package for her daughter. Then the killings start.

Running late Livvie goes to lunch later than normal and walks into her office to find everyone dead or dying. Convinced it had something to do with the package she received Livvie returns to her apartment long enough to pack some clothes and a gun in her backpack and heads out. Desperate to get away she hops in the car of a handsome stranger and demands he take her to his home at gun point. Detective August Rafferty is more that happy to oblige, and Livvie soon steals his heart. In between bouts of hot sex the lovers uncover Livvie's past.

After her neighbor is killed, Auggie finally convinces Livvie to go to the police, at first they think the killer is Doctor Navarone a questionable psychologist who was Deborah Dugan's lover. After shooting Weasel, Navarone is in custody so Auggie feels safe leaving Livvie alone when he goes to question Navarone. Thankfully he forgot his phone because in the minutes he was gone the real killer snatched Livvie. After questioning Hague (Livvie's brother) he realizes the killer is Albert Dugan (Livvie's adopted Father). Auggie races to her rescue, but the police still don't know who is responsible for the murders and mutilation of three women, one of who was Navarone's niece. To September's horror a package in the mail makes it all to clear the "Do Unto Others" murderer has a fixation on Detective September Rafferty.

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