Jul 1, 2015

Nowhere Safe (Nowhere, #3) Wicked #3?

Nowhere Safe (Nowhere, #3)Nowhere Safe by Nancy Bush
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OK, this book should have been included in the Wicked Series (probably #3) especially as at the end Ani winds up at Siren Song with Catherine and is Mad Maddy's daughter.

Ani was taken in by a "herbalist" Mr. Blue who provides her with tools to complete her mission to rid the world of pedophiles, after she survived the bonfire in Unseen by Nancy Bush

The mailman who is inappropriate with little girls along his route is found tied to a flag pole with a sign around his neck he died of exposure and some speculate it was an assisted suicide. But when Stefan is found tied up in the same manner outside the school where he works the police believe they have a serial killer on their hands. Stefan lies about what happened for fear the police will discover his secret. But when Ani returns and shoots him he reveals that his kidnapper was a woman not a man as he first said and that she also stole his van.

The police get a break when a young couple making out remember seeing Ani fleeing from Stefan's moments after he is shot and are able to provide a description. Will and Gemma come to the police station and tell them about Ani after seeing her picture on TV.

Realizing she has been discovered Ani makes plans to take out the most depraved of the pedophiles she was stalking a teacher (Graham) who not only likes young girls  but has developed a taste for murder, after murdering the barely legal girl he meet at a bar. Ani breaks into Graham's home and waits for him, but he overpowers her and takes her to his Father's house where he plans to keep her, but she is able to turn the tables on him. After getting Graham back in Daria's car  (his girlfriend) she drives them over a cliff in Deception Bay. Catherine takes a severly injured Ani in. Meanwhile Graham makes his way back to his home where he drinks the coffee Ani poisoned. When September goes to check on Daria (the registered owner of the car that Ani drove over the cliff) she finds Graham's body and the bodies of his victims.

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  1. Loved this book. But did I miss something? not sure about the Siren Song place.

    1. Unless you have read the Wicked series you wouldn't recognize the Siren Song reference. Siren Song is the name of the place Catherine lives, with her sister's children and perhaps some of her own. In the Wicked Series by Lisa Jackson, Justice Turnbull (Mad Maddie's son) is convinced that God sent him on a mission to wipe out the seed from Siren Song, before they can breed.


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