Jul 19, 2015

Never Die Alone (New Orleans, #8)

Never Die Alone (New Orleans, #8)Never Die Alone by Lisa Jackson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

There are too many sub plots, which I found irritating as it delayed finding out what had happened to Zoe and Chloe.

The first sub plot is Father John has come back leading Bentz to go on a drinking spree. Olivia is also urging him to give up police work.

The second sub plot revolves around the death of Brianna's twin Arianna, and Jase's part in it. Arianna had been sneaking out at night to meet Jase, the local rebel without a cause. One night he was late meeting her and she was raped. Jase attacked the rapist and thought he killed him (he still has the knife scare from the fight) he begged Arianna to go to the cops, but she refused, and begged him not to tell anyone. Jase took Arianna home, then asked his Father (Ed) to go with him to the cops, but Ed refused and told him that he and Jase's older brother (Prescott) would bury the body. When in truth the rapist was a friend of Ed's who had merely been knocked unconscious and who left town to avoid rape charges. Shortly after the rape Arianna drown. Jase has felt guilty about her death ever since. Jase also discovers that he has a twin brother he didn't know about. I really feel this revelation should have been left until after Zoe's rescue not before.

The third sub-plot revolves around Milo, a man from Brianna's Twinless Twin group. Milo has been following Brianna around. Milo tells Brianna he thinks she is in danger because he saw her with Jacob (it was actually Jase he saw her with) and reveals that Jacob killed his sister Myra on their 21st birthday.

Chloe and Zoe are kidnapped shortly before their 21st birthday. The twins find themselves naked and tied up in a basement with a nutcase singing "The Birthday Song" in his birthday suit plus an apron. Zoe manages to free herself while Chloe's whining distracts the killer. Zoe attacks him and both girls escape. Unfortunately while the killer was badly injured he soon regained consciousness and went after them. While trying to lead him away from Chloe, Zoe falls in the river. Chloe takes his truck but soon runs into a gate, the killer finds her at the gate and takes her back to the basement while he goes to look for Zoe. Chloe manages to catch him off guard and escapes a second time but is quickly recaptured. Zoe is almost caught but she manages to get to the road and flag down help before he can shoot her. When she goes to the police station she goes berserk when she sees Jase and identifies him as her attacker. But once she calms down she realizes he isn't the same guy Jase then reveals he has an identical twin (Jacob) he just found out about. They go to the shack the girls were being held at where they find Jacob dead and Chloe close to death.

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