Jul 27, 2015


InvisibleInvisible by James Patterson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When Emmy Dockery's twin sister dies in what was supposedly an accidental house fire, no one takes the FBI analyst seriously when she insist it was murder.

Emmy finally gets her ex-fiancee to use his clout at the FBI to investigate the string of what Emmy has deemed murders, but local authorities have deemed tragic accidents and the investigation uncovers brutal torture covered up by staged accidental fires.

Slowly they begin to close in on the freak only to have him slip away but eventually they end up outside his home, where they find the "Graham Sessions" a chilling account of the murders that lead them to his "girlfriend" Mary. Mary is badly beaten and Emmy takes her under her protective wing as they are sent into hiding until Graham can be caught.

But to late Emmy discovers that Mary isn't what she seems at all and Graham doesn't really exist.

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