Jul 23, 2015

Close Your Eyes (Kendra Michael, #1)

Close Your Eyes (Kendra Michael, #1)Close Your Eyes by Iris Johansen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Kendra teams up with Lynch to help find her ex-boyfriend FBI Agent Jeff Stedler. They start looking into the last case he was working on and discover that the victims are all suffering from something that causes that organs to age at an alarming rate. The closer they get the more danger Kendra and those close to her are in, but the more determined Kendra is to make those responsible for harming her friends pay.

They finally discover that the "cover up" has something to do with what is thought to be a mothballed Military Project Pegasus. They find Jeff at a warehouse where the bad guys are loading a shipment of Pegasus and headed for Iran. A severely injured Jeff, stops a bullet for Kendra and dies in her arms.

Kendra and Lynch stop the bad guys and it looks as if their partnership may blossom into something more.

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