Jun 24, 2015

What Doesn't Kill You (Catherine Ling #2)

What Doesn't Kill YouWhat Doesn't Kill You by Iris Johansen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Catherine remembers her past when she first meet Hu Chang and the unbreakable bond of friendship was formed between them. Now Hu Chang is being hunted by Nardik who wants Pondera the untraceable poison Hu Chang created. Determined to keep Pondera out of Nardik's clutches Hu Chang uses Venable to extract himself from Nardik's goons, but contrary to Hu Chang's wishes Venable involves Catherine and provides her with Gallo for backup.

They eventually manage take Hu Chang into protective custody. Now they have to find out who Nardik plans to kill with the one vial of Pondera he has. But before they can Hu Chang disappears. Catherine and Gallo soon discover it is a candidate for President and make plans to protect him, but then Nardik kidnaps Chatherine's son Luke. Except Hu Chang is up to his usual tricks, Hu Chang has kidnapped the man Nardik sent after Luke and working together Luke and Hu Chang are weaving their own web to capture Nardik. Catherine is furious at Hu Chang for involving her son but as usual forgives him.

Catherine arranges to meet with Nardik to trade Pondera for Luke, Gallo and Hu Chang follow with plans to take out Nardik once and for all. Catherine finishes Nardik but is injured in the process. While she is recuperating in the hospital Hu Chang takes Luke to Chen Lu's home in Hong Kong. When Catherine arrives Hu Chang reveals that Pondera can also extend life and involves stem cells. Pondera is his gift to Luke and Catherine.

Gallo arrives and he and Catherine get closer.

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