Jun 28, 2015

Victims (Alex Delaware, #27)

Victims (Alex Delaware, #27)Victims by Jonathan Kellerman
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The case begins with the gruesome death of a thoroughly unpleasant woman. Milo hopes that it was the woman's unpleasant disposition that lead to her death but when Mr. Nice guy dies Milo realizes he has a serial killer on his hands.

Alex soon links the deaths to a patient at a mental facility where he worked and Milo and Alex begin the arduous task of tracking the mental patient and his accomplice down.

Eventually the accomplice who has been passing himself off as a psychiatrist is captured during a routine traffic stop and chooses suicide by cop as his way out. Milo and Alex find the mental patient on the grounds of the defunct mental hospital where he was housed as a child after killing his Mother, before the hospital was shut down.

*I really think it stinks that Mr Nice guy's wife didn't want the family dog after it was found alive with the mental patient, but am glad that Louie and Ned (another victims dog, that was also found with the mental patient) found a home together.

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  1. I have read J Kellerman - really like him!


    Debby in Arizona


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