Jun 21, 2015

The Forgotten Room (Jeremy Logan #4)

The Forgotten Room (Jeremy Logan #4)The Forgotten Room by Lincoln Child
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Jeremy Logan is summoned to Lux to look into the apparent suicide of Dr. Willard Strachey. Jeremy soon realizes that Strachey's odd behavior stems from the renovations he was making to the West Wing of Lux. When he finds a mysterious hidden room with strange equipment further questions arise. Who removed all the notes and documents from the room and how are they entering the hidden room.

Jeremy visits Pamela Flood the granddaughter of the original architect of Lux. She shows Jeremy the secret elevator her Grandfather installed. A relationship begins to develop but before things get serious Pamela is burned alive inside her home, and yet another of the Scientist at Lux starts exhibiting odd behavior.

Jeremy with the help of Strachey's assistant Kim, soon discovers the strange equipment emits noises that drive people mad.

Laura Benedict calls and summons Jeremy to her lab in the basement, ostensibly because she wants to protect him. She reveals that she is the granddaughter of one of the scientist who worked on the project which was abruptly terminated by Lux. Feeling that her family should have reaped financial benefits from the project that Lux denied them Laura has been working with Ironhand to remove the equipment and notes from Lux in secret. When Strachey found the secret room she found it necessary to use the equipment to drive Strachey mad. She attempted to do the same thing with Jeremy but a charm he wears prevented it. Now goons from Ironhand plan to kill him. Jeremy uses the equipment to drive Laura and her goons from Ironhand crazy and rescues Kim who was also attacked by the goons.

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