Jun 11, 2015


MistressMistress by James Patterson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ben's constant insertion of trivia into the story was annoying.

Ben starts off as a sort of creepy rich guy. He is in his girlfriend's apartment planting hidden cameras and rummaging through her closets when the story begins. But oh wait Diana isn't really his girlfriend,he just wishes she was, and someone asked him to plant the cameras. He leaves before 10 as instructed and while he is still in the parking lot discussing his motorcycle with some guys Diana jumps from the balcony. But as Ben Casper is fond of saying "murder can be made to look like suicide".

Ben (the rich owner of a online newspaper) starts investigating Diana's death. He travels to her memorial service in the mid-west in his private plane. He talks with her brother who gives Ben a name Jonathan Lieu a wealthy Chinese lobbyist. On his way home the plane experiences engine failure and Ben barely manages to land the plane. Realizing someone is trying to kill him he leaves the hospital and travels to his family's remote cabin. Hearing a noise he realizes someone is in the cabin and tricks them into thinking he is in the shower while he escapes.

He confronts Jonathan who tells him he had nothing to do with Diana's death but tells Ben he should look into Kutuzov (a Russian agent) and the White House. Shortly after their talk Jonathan Lieu is killed and Ben takes Jonathan's computer when he finds the body. Unfortunately he crashes his motorcycle and the computer is damaged so if there was anything useful on it, Ben never finds it.

Ben goes to a friend on the police force (Ellis) who shows him photos of Diana's crime scene that he didn't turn over to the FBI. Ben realizes that the body isn't Diana's and that she must still be alive. Ellis and Ben arrange to talk to Kutuzov, but on the way to the meeting Russian Mobsters start shooting at them and Ellis is killed. The police blame Ellis' death on Ben, but before they can arrest him he puts some things together and calls the Director of the CIA (and personal friend of the President) Craig Carney. Carney tries to cut a deal with Ben, he will make all Ben's problems go away if he stops investigating. Ben refuses the deal and goes to an old Professor who points him in the right direction.

Ben meets with a detective (Sean) who is investigating Nina's disappearance. Ben suspects that Nina was the woman who was killed at Diana's apartment and is sickened when emails Sean provides show that Diana set Nina up to be killed in her place.

The Russians are blackmailing the President of the U.S. into allowing them to invade the former Soviet Countries and retake them. The Chinese are trying to prevent this from happening by finding the video and releasing it and everyone thinks Ben has it. Carney freezes Ben's accounts in an effort to force him to drop his investigation, but when he realizes that Ben doesn't have the video he allows the D.C. Police to issue a warrant for his arrest. Ben evades arrest long enough to figure out what was on the video and crash an event the President is attending and shout out that he knows the Russians are blackmailing him and that he has proof.

Ben discovers that the President had no idea the Russians were blackmailing him with a sex tape of his wife with Diana, when confronted by the President Carney reveals everything he did to try to prevent the Russians from using the Lesbian sex tape. Ben's financial and legal woes are fixed and Ben visits Diana in jail to get some closure. Diana had filmed herself with the President's wife and then sold the film to the highest bidder., Carney found her and arrested her for espionage.

Ben goes back to see the Professor who is dying and learns that the Chinese killed his Mother and his Father was forced to cover the murder up to protect Ben. Ben's Father was eventually caught spying for the Chinese and was under house arrest which was why he never allowed Ben to visit him.

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