Jun 13, 2015

Gathering Prey (Lucas Davenport, #25)

Gathering Prey (Lucas Davenport, #25)Gathering Prey by John Sandford
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Can't help but wonder if this is the end of the Davenport series as Lucas resigns from the BCA at the end.

Letty makes friends with two "Travlers" Sky and Henry. When Henry goes missing Sky contacts Letty who talks Davenport into meeting with her. Sky tells him of Pilate and his Disciples who she says are into killing. Lucas would like to dismiss the tale of cannibalism and torture Sky tells as an urban legend but the young woman is oddly convincing. Lucas promises to look into Henry's disappearance. When Henry's body is found further credence is lent to Sky's tale.

Then Pilate kidnaps Sky. She manages to call Letty and Lucas is able to trace the cell phone. The Disciple driving the car Sky is in is killed and Sky is rescued. When Sky learns Henry was crucified and tortured before he was killed Sky ditches Letty and sets off for a Juggalo gathering where she knows Pilate will be. Letty tracks her down but they become separated and Pilate and his disciples kick Sky to death. When Letty goes to look for Sky Pilate attacks her but a Juggalo rescues Letty. Lucas sends Letty home to recover and works with the local cops on capturing Pilate.

Pilate and his Disciples hole up in a small town where they get in a shoot out with the local cops. Pilate and Kristen sneak off during the shoot out and manage to evade the road blocks. Eventually all of the Disciples that were left behind are captured or killed.

Lucas heads home and unbeknownst to him Pilate and Kristen are waiting for him. They wait outside BCA headquarters and plan to ambush Letty and Lucas on a quiet street. Letty realizes they are being followed and Lucas sets a trap. Kristen surrenders but Pilate makes a run for it and takes a young woman hostage. She has the presence of mind to throw hot coffee in his face and Lucas kills him.

Henry Sands is not pleased with Lucas and Lucas resign from the BCA.

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