Jun 1, 2015

12th of Never (Women's Murder Club, #12)

12th of Never (Women's Murder Club, #12)12th of Never by James Patterson
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Joe's out of town and San Fransisco is having a huge storm so of course Lindsay goes into labor. Baby Julie, winds up being delivered by firemen. Shortly after she is born Julie is plagued by fever, the doctors suspect lymphoma but luckily it turns out to be mono, from being delivered in a less than sterile environment.

When Richie and Cindy start having problems Richie falls for hot new intern MacKenzie Morales, in between working their cases.

Faye Farmer's body disappears from the morgue, as well as the security guard Tracey Pendleton. Claire is demoted after the body is stolen from her morgue. When the bodies of Faye and Tracey eventually show up in Nevada, video footage of her fiancee 49ers star Jeff Kennedy and his buddy at a gas station prove he was the killer.

English Professor Judd comes to the police with the his dream about a murder that hasn't happened yet. When the murder takes place exactly as he described it he is the cheif suspect. Then he dreams of another murder and again it takes place exactly as he described it. Convinced he is experiencing precognition he gleefully reports each dream to the police and each dream is faithfully reproduced until the killer, kills Professor Judd.

Convicted killer Randy Fish comes out of his coma and promises to tell the police where the bodies of his victims are if Lindsay will talk to him. While he is out of prison leading the FBI and police to the bodies a police officer throws a flash bang and Randy Fish escapes. A car chase ensues and Randy's rescuer eventually wrecks. Randy, his Baby Mama and their son are severally injured. Randy dies at the scene after telling Lindsay where the bodies are. A severely injured Morales confesses to killing the people in Judd's dreams to make his visions come true. Morales escapes from the hospital.

Yuki's case against Keith Herman for the murder of his wife and daughter goes bust when his daughter shows up alive and well and the witnesses are discredited. But when they find the couple that was "babysitting" the little girl (Lily) the couple quickly reveal that Herman was paying them to keep Lily and that he left the car he transported Lily and her dead Mother in on their property. The car provides enough forensic evidence to put Herman away for his wife's death.

Cindy tries to get back with Richie but he tells her No.

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