May 1, 2015

Wicked #4 (in my opinion) Blind Spot by Nancy Bush

Blind SpotBlind Spot by Nancy Bush
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Why this book isn't included in the Wicked Series is beyond me. I think it should probably be #3 in the series. It is also much better written than the other books in the series maybe because Bush wrote it alone. The ones written by her and her sister Lisa Jackson seem choppy to me. It also answers a lot of the questions people have about the series.

A pregnant Natasha (aka Tasha) runs away from Siren Song with Rafe. She is found at a truck stop in a catatonic state after being stabbed in the shoulder and with cuts around her abdomen. Rafe dies from stab wounds shortly after they are found by a trucker.

After Jane Doe (Tasha) recovers from her injuries she is taken to Halo Valley Mental Hospital (where Justice is at) where Claire Norris becomes her doctor. Langdon Stone is investigating the homicide and must put aside his anger over his sister's death at Halo Valley by a wealthy mental patient there. Lang and Claire team up to find out Tasha's identity. At first Catherine denies that Tasha is a member of The Colony but she finally reveals that Tasha is but that Tasha is dangerous. Later it is revealed that Tasha poisoned Nathanial (who is mentioned in the Wicked Series Books several times).

Rafe's former girlfriend Rita wants a baby and she thinks that Tasha's baby belongs to her. She seduces one of the Doctor's at Halo Valley and gets a job there. She kidnaps Tasha, but Tasha gets away and goes to Rafe's cousin Cade. Cade plans to shoot Rita when she comes after Tasha, but he winds up dead and Tasha is found with another stab wound and in labor. She manages to identify Rita as the assailant before she gives birth and slips back into another catatonic state. Rita kidnaps the baby from the hospital but Lang finds her and the baby goes to social services.

Tasha is taken back to Halo Valley where she poisons one of the patients to create a diversion and takes Claire hostage. Lang with the help of the patient that killed his sister (who is now on his medication) take Tasha down. We learn that Rita followed Rafe and Tasha to the truck stop and attacked Tasha but that Rafe fought her off and that Tasha stabbed him for letting Rita go. Tasha flat lines at the end of the book and Claire and Lang make plans to marry and adopt Tasha's baby.

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Apparently Unseen by Bush should be #2 

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