May 20, 2015

Second Honeymoon (Honeymoon, #2)

Second Honeymoon (Honeymoon, #2)Second Honeymoon by James Patterson
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John O'Hara is trying to deal with his wife's death at the hands of a drunk driver and the drunk driver's eminent release from jail when he is hired by Breslow to discovered who murdered his son and daughter-in-law on their honeymoon.

If that isn't enough for John to handle, mental patient Ned Sinclair has broken out of the mental hospital he was incarcerated in and started killing people named John O'Hara. Agent Sarah Brubaker is tasked with keeping him alive.

The two quickly join forces and hatch a plan to catch The Honeymoon Killer, posing as newlyweds they go to honeymoon at a remote cabin in the woods. Unfortunately the plan falls apart and the four agents who were guarding the "newlyweds" are killed. Shortly afterward a young woman comes to the police station claiming to know the identity of the The Honeymoon Killer. When they go to her ex-fiancee's apartment they find him brutally murdered in his tux and the Bridezilla holed up in the church the couple were to be married in with the priest as hostage. With John and Sarah as witnesses she immolates herself.

Hot on the heels of The John O'Hara Killer, Sarah is wounded. When the killer sends a clue to her hospital room, John ditches everyone and tracks the killer down on his own.

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