May 21, 2015

Instinct (Chronicles of Nick, #6)

Instinct (Chronicles of Nick, #6)Instinct by Sherrilyn Kenyon
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OK the series is finally providing some answers.

Menyara isn't pleased to learn Nick's powers have been unlocked, she is even less pleased to discover that he has freed Xev. Xev challenges her about sacrificing Cherise. It turns out the Gods got together and decided to weaken Adarian by creating the perfect woman for him. Cherise's Father was a Warrior of Light, born directly from the Kalosum Source Powers (they never gave a name but I think Cherise's Father is Jared) and that Menyara stayed behind to watch after Cherise and Nick because of her role in the plot. We also learn the Menyara is Cam (a Primary god).

Cherise and Caleb are unconscious because they have a virus that affects demi-gods. Ambrose manages to communicate with Nick one final time and tells him to get the Eye of Ananke. Simi and Kody both know where it is as they played with it at Uncle Hades' Halloween Parties in Tartarus, but they aren't sure how they can retrieve it. While they are discussing how to get the Eye of Ananke Dagon (the son of Noir and Hekate) shows up. Dagon was imprisoned for telling King Lycaon how to save his cursed sons, by turning them into Ware-Hunters. Noir holds Dagon's wife Shala and promised to free her if Dagon uses Cherise to awaken Azura. When Dagon goes to take Cherise, Nick turns in to the Malachai and drinks from Dagon's jugular. Only Xev's ordering Kody to kiss Nick saves everyone. Menyara tells Dagon Shala is dead, once he accepts that Noir killed Shala he joins Nick and his friends.

Everyone in the room freezes except Nick. Chronus instructs Nick to come outside, where he is confronted by Chronus and Tiamat. A majority of Nick's Generals have declared Nick unfit to lead them and demanded that Chronus and Tiamat judge him. They tell him to pick two of his Generals one to stay behind and guard his Mom and the other to accompany him. He chooses Xev to stay with his Mom as he is the General Nick trust the most. He chooses Livia to accompany him to the sacred Nemed where his is to pick berries from the largest tree in Agonia. Three berries for his Mom and three for Caleb.

Once they reach Agonia Livia immediately outs Nick as the Malachai to the Cyclops, who has the forest attack him. Nick is losing badly and Livia refuses to help him when Aeron (son of Dagda and MorrĂ­gan) shows up. Aeron tries to tell Nick how to control the Malachai but Nick is afraid to assume his Malachai Powers without Kody there to bring him back. Instead he offers to lend his body to Aeron so he can beat Nick's assailants up. After he beats the assailants up Aeron keeps his word and returns Nick's body to him. He then offers to lead Nick to the tree. When Nick ask him why, he reveals that Xev is his friend. Nick decides to trust him as he was the only one who helped him. On the way to the tree Livia enrages Nick and he becomes the Malachai but with Aeron's coaching he can now control the beast. They get the berries and Nick is bummed that he can't take Aeron through the portal with him. But before he can go through the portal Livia takes his sword and cuts his throat.

A dying Nick decides to try to free Nashira from the grimoire, he succeeds and Nashira and Aeron save his life. Aeron now has corporal form since he drank Nick's blood. They tell Nick how to make a portal and they return to Nick's house. They find everyone gone but Menyara left a message telling Nick they are at Caleb's.

Livia sacrificed Zavid to bring Noir back. She claims to be the next Malachai as she tells Chronus and Tiamat that she killed Nick. Before she can name her Generals, Nick arrives. Chronus and Tiamat name Nick the Malachai and he names Nashira, Xev, Dagon, Aeron, Kody and Caleb as his Generals. Chronus and Tiamat send Noir back to his realm.

Simi, Kody and Dagon go with Nick to get the Eye of Ananke which allows Nick to see the future.

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