May 18, 2015

Gone (Michael Bennett, #6)

Gone (Michael Bennett, #6)Gone by James Patterson
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Michael Bennett and his family are in hiding on a ranch in Northern California, that I would love to live on but all they do is whine about missing New York. Until Michael gets asked by the FBI to help them capture Manuel Perrine (aka The Sun King), seems the FBI, CIA, local police, and military just can't manage to nail the guy without help from Michael. So he leaves his family in witness protection and goes off with Emily Parker to hunt down Perrine (breaking lots of laws along the way).

Perrine is ordering hits on American mobsters who refused to work with him or double crossed him in some way. The body count is climbing day by day. When an FBI agent is kidnapped and tortured no one seems to grasp the fact it was to get her to reveal where the Bennett's are hiding, until Perrine ask to Skype Michael and shows him footage of his hitmen outside the Bennett hideout. When Michael and Emily get there they find Mary Catherine's boyfriend Leo dead and the house empty. Completely ignoring the dog, who tried to tell him where his family was Michael heads back to Los Angeles and eventually to Mexico where he takes part in a raid on The Sun King's home. Shoots The Sun King's horse and severally injures The Sun King himself. Believing his family to be prisoners at Perrine's lake house he rushes there only to discover 12 and 13 year old girls in residence. He rushes back to question The Sun King but before he can the Mexican authorities blow Tthe Sun King's head off (Michael believes it was to keep him from talking, but I wonder if it was to disguise the fact Tthe Sun King has escaped yet again). Just as Michael is about to give up hope of finding his family he receives a call on a CB from Mary Catherine.

Unfortunately the CB call lead Perrine's hit squad to them, McMurphy (the neighborhood survivalist who lead the Bennett family to safety than hid them in his tunnels) is killed holding the killers off. Mary Catherine kills the last one (Vida) and Michael is reunited with his family who happily leave for Manhattan.

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