May 23, 2015

Burn (Michael Bennett, #7)

Burn (Michael Bennett, #7)Burn by James Patterson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

OK there are several things I don't like about this book but one of the most annoying was that he bought a puppy for his kids without doing any research, it was an impulse buy on his way home from work because the younger kids missed the animals on the farm they were staying at while under witness protection. You would think as the Father of several adopted children he would have considered adopting a dog from an animal shelter or local rescue. The second thing is he got a Border Collie. I can't see that working out well. If Mr. Patterson had bothered to do any research on the breed he would know they are working dogs with a high energy level. Not the best dog for apartment living in New York. I love Border Collies, I used to have one when I was much young and much more active.

OK, we all know Michael is like the best detective ever, and that life is ever so unfair to him. After 7 books of belaboring the point we got the memo Mr. Patterson. So he and his family are back in New York after Michael played a key role in putting the drug cartel away that had a hit on him and his family but his old job is gone. He has been demoted to running the brand new Ombudsman Outreach Squad in Harlem. When he gets there he finds total chaos and not much actual work going on. He whips the squad into shape in record time and sends one of his officers (Chast) to investigate a complaint of cannibalism. She refuses to take a partner with her. When Officer Chast doesn't come in the next day he gets worried and takes Officer Doyle with him to her apartment. They find Officer Chast dead and her body staged to make it look like a suicide. Convinced she was murdered because the cannibalism complaint was valid Michael Bennett has his squad investigating her death.

Meanwhile thanks to his old friends in the Department he has been offered his old job back at major crimes, they need his help solving the jewelry store heist. Feeling guilty about leaving his new squad he offers to work both cases.

Of course what's a Bennett novel without a family crisis. Chrissy's biological Dad shows up and wants her back. Thanks to social media Bennett and his lawyer are able to prove that contrary to bio-Dad's assertions he didn't just find out about Chrissy, there is a picture on her bio-Mom's website of him holding the newborn Chrissy. And that the only reason he wants Chrissy now is his rich girlfriend wants to adopt a little girl to go with her two adopted boys. Seamus has a stroke but is good as new by the time Michael gets to the hospital. Mary Catherine's Mother dies and she goes to Ireland for the funeral.

Michael Bennett stakes out local high end jewelry stores with his new squad but to late he learns the jewelry stores weren't the ultimate prize. A safety deposit box at a bank was. They catch a break when they get one of the thieves prints and after a frantic bike chase Bennett brings Rylan in.

To Bennett's surprise Rylan ask for his help. Turns out Rylan's billionaire pal Gabe Chayefsky promised him a job if he would help him break into a safety deposit box and retrieve a phone that had video being used to blackmail him. Rylan couldn't resist looking at the video and was sickened when it showed Chayefsky eating a girl. Terrified that Iliana will meet the same fate, Rylan sends Michael to rescue her. Unfortunately they get there to late and when Chayefsky and his driver are captured they commit suicide rather than be taken alive. The other influential people who were there manage to get away.

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