May 17, 2015

Bones (Alex Delaware, #23)

Bones (Alex Delaware, #23)Bones by Jonathan Kellerman
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Seemed to drag out. When a child prodigy's piano teacher (Selena) turns up dead in a local marsh, Milo and Alex start investigating Selena's life. The trail conveniently leads to disabled handyman Huck Travis. And the discovery of 3 prostitutes bodies deeper in the marsh does nothing to sway them from their course. Due to being railroaded by the police as a child Huck flees strengthening the case Milo is building against him. But Alex begins to have serious doubts about Huck's involvement and sees him as the perfect patsy.

When Simone fails to pay the PI she hired to investigate Huck and take the information he found to the police, he starts digging into her life and discovers all isn't as it seems. He chooses to go to the police with the information he finds out about his former client. When Huck is convinced to meet with the police Simone and Weir's plot to kill Simone's family and pin the blame on Huck becomes crystal clear.

Huck is convinced to wear a wire and try to entrap Simone. A meet is arranged at the Vander's beach house. After Simone stabs Huck he is forced to kill her in self defense. Alex finds Weir hiding in a shed behind the beach house and a faint knocking leads Alex to a bound Kelvin Vander. His parents bodies are found deeper in the marsh.

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