May 31, 2015

Wicked #2 Unseen by Nancy Bush

UnseenUnseen by Nancy Bush
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The best in the series so far. I think it should be the second one read, and wish they had included it in the series so I could have read them in the proper order.

From the information given I think Bart (Wolf) and EZ's Mother was Rita's Aunt "Blind Spot".

Gemma wakes up in the hospital with no memories. She is accused of running down a pedophile. Will is assigned to the case and quickly falls for Gemma, with the evidence mounting against her he desperately wants to believe her assertions of innocence. Memories of her life start coming back to her, and she quickly returns to her home where she learns she has been plagued by memory lose since childhood. She also has a unique ability to read peoples emotions. When people start accusing her of things she hasn't done she fears that the unscrupulous psychiatrist who wants to use her to make a name for himself is correct and that she has multiple personality disorder.

Meanwhile Bart is on a mission to kill "witches". He killed his Mother (who he refers to as the Mother Witch) and burned her. Now he is killing young women he deems witches and burning them. But the main witch he wants to kill is Ani, who he blames for his brother EZ's death.

Desperate to find out what is going on Gemma allows the psychiatrist to hypnotize her and discovers that she was a conjoined twin. Gemma was left with an old Indian woman Totu (possibly her Grandmother) who eventually left her on the ferry allowing her to be adopted by the La Portes and given a good home. Her twin Ani was given to the pedophile doctor in exchange for operating on the twins to separate them. Anxious to share her news with Will she calls him and they agree to meet at her house.

Will is startled when "Gemma" shows up at his door minutes after their phone conversation arranging to meet at her house, but they quickly have sex, it's only afterwards that he realizes the scare is on the wrong side of "Gemma's" hip. Ani realizes he knows that she isn't Gemma and ties Will up. She then goes to see Gemma, they are interrupted by Will's partner Barb, who Ani shoots. Will who has managed to untie himself quickly arrives and Barb is rushed to the hospital. Ani escapes from the law only to be captured by Bart.

Will and Gemma see the bonfire in the quarry and rush to it. Gemma manages to free Ani's hands before she is forced back by the flames. Bart and Will fight and Will is forced to kill Bart. After the fire is put out they realize Ani escaped, but are unable to find her. Thinking Ani is Gemma Little Tim (retarded man with a crush on Gemma) helps Ani.

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May 28, 2015

The Hobbit

The HobbitThe Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Peter Jackson took a lot of poetic license with the movies. No romance between dwarfs and elves in the book, and needless to say Legolas doesn't make an appearance in the book either.

Gandalf introduces Bilbo to Thorin and company and they hire him as a burglar and set off for Thorin's mountain home which has been controlled by the dragon Smaug for years. They encounter trolls who try to eat them, goblins who try to enslave them (Bilbo finds "The Ring", while escaping from the Goblins), eagles who rescue them from the goblins, a shape-shifter who offers them shelter and wood-elves who imprison them. With Bilbo's help the dwarfs overcome all obstacles and return to their mountain stronghold.

They awaken the dragon who attacks the human village, Esgaroth. Bard with help from a thrush who overheard Bilbo telling the dwarfs of Smaug's weak spot kills Smaug. The humans and elves head to the Mountain assuming that Smaug killed the dwarfs and the treasure will be theirs. The dwarfs are outraged that the humans and elves came to plunder their treasure and the humans and elves are outraged the dwarfs refuse to share the treasure. The humans and elves lay siege to the mountain. Thorin sends the ravens for reinforcements from Dain.

Bilbo takes the Arkenstone of Thrain to Bard so the humans and elves can use it to reason with the dwarfs. When Thorin learns what Bilbo has done he has harsh words for the hobbit and throws him out. Dain arrives and battle is fixing to start when Gandalf warns of the goblins approaching army. The humans, elves and dwarfs join forces to fight the goblins, and receive unexpected help from the eagles. After the battle Thorin, on his deathbed asked to see Bilbo so he can forgive him.

Bilbo returns home with some of the treasure only to find his kinfolk making off with his household goods after having him declared dead.

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May 25, 2015

Deception (Alex Delaware, #25)

Deception (Alex Delaware, #25)Deception by Jonathan Kellerman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When a substitute teacher at the Chief's son's elite prep school turns up dead in a tub of dry ice, Milo is called in to investigate on the DL.

When one of the "poor" students that the school paid Elise to tutor goes missing he becomes Milo's cheif suspect. But soon Alex and Milo begin to suspect that Martin Mendoza is being framed and every new murder brings them one step closer to the motive (a test taking scheme) and the true killers.

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May 23, 2015

Burn (Michael Bennett, #7)

Burn (Michael Bennett, #7)Burn by James Patterson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

OK there are several things I don't like about this book but one of the most annoying was that he bought a puppy for his kids without doing any research, it was an impulse buy on his way home from work because the younger kids missed the animals on the farm they were staying at while under witness protection. You would think as the Father of several adopted children he would have considered adopting a dog from an animal shelter or local rescue. The second thing is he got a Border Collie. I can't see that working out well. If Mr. Patterson had bothered to do any research on the breed he would know they are working dogs with a high energy level. Not the best dog for apartment living in New York. I love Border Collies, I used to have one when I was much young and much more active.

OK, we all know Michael is like the best detective ever, and that life is ever so unfair to him. After 7 books of belaboring the point we got the memo Mr. Patterson. So he and his family are back in New York after Michael played a key role in putting the drug cartel away that had a hit on him and his family but his old job is gone. He has been demoted to running the brand new Ombudsman Outreach Squad in Harlem. When he gets there he finds total chaos and not much actual work going on. He whips the squad into shape in record time and sends one of his officers (Chast) to investigate a complaint of cannibalism. She refuses to take a partner with her. When Officer Chast doesn't come in the next day he gets worried and takes Officer Doyle with him to her apartment. They find Officer Chast dead and her body staged to make it look like a suicide. Convinced she was murdered because the cannibalism complaint was valid Michael Bennett has his squad investigating her death.

Meanwhile thanks to his old friends in the Department he has been offered his old job back at major crimes, they need his help solving the jewelry store heist. Feeling guilty about leaving his new squad he offers to work both cases.

Of course what's a Bennett novel without a family crisis. Chrissy's biological Dad shows up and wants her back. Thanks to social media Bennett and his lawyer are able to prove that contrary to bio-Dad's assertions he didn't just find out about Chrissy, there is a picture on her bio-Mom's website of him holding the newborn Chrissy. And that the only reason he wants Chrissy now is his rich girlfriend wants to adopt a little girl to go with her two adopted boys. Seamus has a stroke but is good as new by the time Michael gets to the hospital. Mary Catherine's Mother dies and she goes to Ireland for the funeral.

Michael Bennett stakes out local high end jewelry stores with his new squad but to late he learns the jewelry stores weren't the ultimate prize. A safety deposit box at a bank was. They catch a break when they get one of the thieves prints and after a frantic bike chase Bennett brings Rylan in.

To Bennett's surprise Rylan ask for his help. Turns out Rylan's billionaire pal Gabe Chayefsky promised him a job if he would help him break into a safety deposit box and retrieve a phone that had video being used to blackmail him. Rylan couldn't resist looking at the video and was sickened when it showed Chayefsky eating a girl. Terrified that Iliana will meet the same fate, Rylan sends Michael to rescue her. Unfortunately they get there to late and when Chayefsky and his driver are captured they commit suicide rather than be taken alive. The other influential people who were there manage to get away.

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May 21, 2015

Instinct (Chronicles of Nick, #6)

Instinct (Chronicles of Nick, #6)Instinct by Sherrilyn Kenyon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OK the series is finally providing some answers.

Menyara isn't pleased to learn Nick's powers have been unlocked, she is even less pleased to discover that he has freed Xev. Xev challenges her about sacrificing Cherise. It turns out the Gods got together and decided to weaken Adarian by creating the perfect woman for him. Cherise's Father was a Warrior of Light, born directly from the Kalosum Source Powers (they never gave a name but I think Cherise's Father is Jared) and that Menyara stayed behind to watch after Cherise and Nick because of her role in the plot. We also learn the Menyara is Cam (a Primary god).

Cherise and Caleb are unconscious because they have a virus that affects demi-gods. Ambrose manages to communicate with Nick one final time and tells him to get the Eye of Ananke. Simi and Kody both know where it is as they played with it at Uncle Hades' Halloween Parties in Tartarus, but they aren't sure how they can retrieve it. While they are discussing how to get the Eye of Ananke Dagon (the son of Noir and Hekate) shows up. Dagon was imprisoned for telling King Lycaon how to save his cursed sons, by turning them into Ware-Hunters. Noir holds Dagon's wife Shala and promised to free her if Dagon uses Cherise to awaken Azura. When Dagon goes to take Cherise, Nick turns in to the Malachai and drinks from Dagon's jugular. Only Xev's ordering Kody to kiss Nick saves everyone. Menyara tells Dagon Shala is dead, once he accepts that Noir killed Shala he joins Nick and his friends.

Everyone in the room freezes except Nick. Chronus instructs Nick to come outside, where he is confronted by Chronus and Tiamat. A majority of Nick's Generals have declared Nick unfit to lead them and demanded that Chronus and Tiamat judge him. They tell him to pick two of his Generals one to stay behind and guard his Mom and the other to accompany him. He chooses Xev to stay with his Mom as he is the General Nick trust the most. He chooses Livia to accompany him to the sacred Nemed where his is to pick berries from the largest tree in Agonia. Three berries for his Mom and three for Caleb.

Once they reach Agonia Livia immediately outs Nick as the Malachai to the Cyclops, who has the forest attack him. Nick is losing badly and Livia refuses to help him when Aeron (son of Dagda and MorrĂ­gan) shows up. Aeron tries to tell Nick how to control the Malachai but Nick is afraid to assume his Malachai Powers without Kody there to bring him back. Instead he offers to lend his body to Aeron so he can beat Nick's assailants up. After he beats the assailants up Aeron keeps his word and returns Nick's body to him. He then offers to lead Nick to the tree. When Nick ask him why, he reveals that Xev is his friend. Nick decides to trust him as he was the only one who helped him. On the way to the tree Livia enrages Nick and he becomes the Malachai but with Aeron's coaching he can now control the beast. They get the berries and Nick is bummed that he can't take Aeron through the portal with him. But before he can go through the portal Livia takes his sword and cuts his throat.

A dying Nick decides to try to free Nashira from the grimoire, he succeeds and Nashira and Aeron save his life. Aeron now has corporal form since he drank Nick's blood. They tell Nick how to make a portal and they return to Nick's house. They find everyone gone but Menyara left a message telling Nick they are at Caleb's.

Livia sacrificed Zavid to bring Noir back. She claims to be the next Malachai as she tells Chronus and Tiamat that she killed Nick. Before she can name her Generals, Nick arrives. Chronus and Tiamat name Nick the Malachai and he names Nashira, Xev, Dagon, Aeron, Kody and Caleb as his Generals. Chronus and Tiamat send Noir back to his realm.

Simi, Kody and Dagon go with Nick to get the Eye of Ananke which allows Nick to see the future.

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May 20, 2015

Second Honeymoon (Honeymoon, #2)

Second Honeymoon (Honeymoon, #2)Second Honeymoon by James Patterson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

John O'Hara is trying to deal with his wife's death at the hands of a drunk driver and the drunk driver's eminent release from jail when he is hired by Breslow to discovered who murdered his son and daughter-in-law on their honeymoon.

If that isn't enough for John to handle, mental patient Ned Sinclair has broken out of the mental hospital he was incarcerated in and started killing people named John O'Hara. Agent Sarah Brubaker is tasked with keeping him alive.

The two quickly join forces and hatch a plan to catch The Honeymoon Killer, posing as newlyweds they go to honeymoon at a remote cabin in the woods. Unfortunately the plan falls apart and the four agents who were guarding the "newlyweds" are killed. Shortly afterward a young woman comes to the police station claiming to know the identity of the The Honeymoon Killer. When they go to her ex-fiancee's apartment they find him brutally murdered in his tux and the Bridezilla holed up in the church the couple were to be married in with the priest as hostage. With John and Sarah as witnesses she immolates herself.

Hot on the heels of The John O'Hara Killer, Sarah is wounded. When the killer sends a clue to her hospital room, John ditches everyone and tracks the killer down on his own.

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May 18, 2015

Gone (Michael Bennett, #6)

Gone (Michael Bennett, #6)Gone by James Patterson
My rating: 1 of 5 stars


Michael Bennett and his family are in hiding on a ranch in Northern California, that I would love to live on but all they do is whine about missing New York. Until Michael gets asked by the FBI to help them capture Manuel Perrine (aka The Sun King), seems the FBI, CIA, local police, and military just can't manage to nail the guy without help from Michael. So he leaves his family in witness protection and goes off with Emily Parker to hunt down Perrine (breaking lots of laws along the way).

Perrine is ordering hits on American mobsters who refused to work with him or double crossed him in some way. The body count is climbing day by day. When an FBI agent is kidnapped and tortured no one seems to grasp the fact it was to get her to reveal where the Bennett's are hiding, until Perrine ask to Skype Michael and shows him footage of his hitmen outside the Bennett hideout. When Michael and Emily get there they find Mary Catherine's boyfriend Leo dead and the house empty. Completely ignoring the dog, who tried to tell him where his family was Michael heads back to Los Angeles and eventually to Mexico where he takes part in a raid on The Sun King's home. Shoots The Sun King's horse and severally injures The Sun King himself. Believing his family to be prisoners at Perrine's lake house he rushes there only to discover 12 and 13 year old girls in residence. He rushes back to question The Sun King but before he can the Mexican authorities blow Tthe Sun King's head off (Michael believes it was to keep him from talking, but I wonder if it was to disguise the fact Tthe Sun King has escaped yet again). Just as Michael is about to give up hope of finding his family he receives a call on a CB from Mary Catherine.

Unfortunately the CB call lead Perrine's hit squad to them, McMurphy (the neighborhood survivalist who lead the Bennett family to safety than hid them in his tunnels) is killed holding the killers off. Mary Catherine kills the last one (Vida) and Michael is reunited with his family who happily leave for Manhattan.

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May 17, 2015

Bones (Alex Delaware, #23)

Bones (Alex Delaware, #23)Bones by Jonathan Kellerman
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Seemed to drag out. When a child prodigy's piano teacher (Selena) turns up dead in a local marsh, Milo and Alex start investigating Selena's life. The trail conveniently leads to disabled handyman Huck Travis. And the discovery of 3 prostitutes bodies deeper in the marsh does nothing to sway them from their course. Due to being railroaded by the police as a child Huck flees strengthening the case Milo is building against him. But Alex begins to have serious doubts about Huck's involvement and sees him as the perfect patsy.

When Simone fails to pay the PI she hired to investigate Huck and take the information he found to the police, he starts digging into her life and discovers all isn't as it seems. He chooses to go to the police with the information he finds out about his former client. When Huck is convinced to meet with the police Simone and Weir's plot to kill Simone's family and pin the blame on Huck becomes crystal clear.

Huck is convinced to wear a wire and try to entrap Simone. A meet is arranged at the Vander's beach house. After Simone stabs Huck he is forced to kill her in self defense. Alex finds Weir hiding in a shed behind the beach house and a faint knocking leads Alex to a bound Kelvin Vander. His parents bodies are found deeper in the marsh.

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May 11, 2015

The Bone Tree (Penn Cage #5)

The Bone TreeThe Bone Tree by Greg Iles
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The prologue begins before some of the events in Natchez Burning. One of the most irritating things about this series is the way he keeps flipping back and forth between the characters so the book(s) advance at a snails pace.

The Bone Tree begins with FBI Agent John Kaiser trying to remotely hack into Caitlin's newspaper office computer and get Henry Sexton's notes. He discovers someone is already inside the computer and erasing the information. Hopefully he will be able to capture some of the information before it disappears forever. He is unaware that Penn and Caitlin were taken prisoner by Brody Royal and that Henry died saving their lives, and that Huggy Bear also died saving Penn and Caitlin. And that Henry immolated Brody Royal when he died. It was very disconcerting to start the book with Kaiser talking like the events that I read in Natchez Burning hadn't taken place until I remembered how he flipped back and forth between past events in the previous book, from each characters point of view.

Penn and Caitlin decide what they are going to tell the police. The Concordia Parish Sheriff's Department gets there first and Sheriff Walker Dennis takes Penn and Caitlin into custody. Penn and Sheriff Dennis plan to hit the Knox's meth labs in an effort to capture a Double Eagle and get them to talk. Before Penn and Caitlin can leave Ozan shows up threatening to arrest Penn and Caitlin as suspects in Brody Royal's murder and informing Sheriff Dennis that the State Police are taking over all the investigations. Kaiser steps in and tells Ozan that Penn and Caitlin are victims of a kidnapping and that the FBI will be taking over the cases under the Patriot Act and that both Ozan and his boss Forrest Knox are being investigated. Caitlin leaves with Jordan and goes to the newspaper to get the story out. Penn and Kaiser leave together and Kaiser gives Penn more information including the fact that the FBI thinks Tom Cage has information on the assassination of JFK, and that he is working with Dwight Stone's group to solve cases that J. Edgar Hoover refused to allow them to solve.

Tom Cage leaves the surviving gunman by the side of the road with his partners corpse and instructs the survivor to deliver a message to Forrest Knox. If Forrest makes his problems go away he will see that Penn and Caitlin don't reveal what they know and he will keep his silence about what he knows. Walt lets Tom know what happened at Brody Royal's house and tells him he will be meeting with Griffith Mackiever soon. Tom makes his way to Quentin's house, where he plans to lay low. Walt discovers that Forrest is blackmailing Mackiever to step down. Walt talks Mackiever into standing up to Forrest. Walt breaks into Forrest house and finds evidence that Forrest was involved with the police shootings in New Orleans after Katrina, he also leaves the gun he shot the deputy with at Forrest house. He tells Mackiever about it and encourages him to use the information, but Mackiever hesitates.

Caitlin has someone follow Melba and she leads Caitlin to Tom. Tom tells Caitlin what he knows but swears her to secrecy until he and Peggy are dead (And aggravatingly enough we don't know what he told her). He does reveal that a teenage Forrest was one of the men who raped Viola. And that Viola killed Frank Sr. and he helped cover it up.

Forrest is getting desperate and considers making a deal with Tom, but if that falls through he plans to have Snake kill everyone who is a threat to him and then kill Snake and Sonny. He talks Snake's son Billy into going along with his plan. Walt sneaks inside Fort Knox, but is trapped there when Forrest and the Double Eagle's arrive.

Penn meets with Stone and he lays out why he thinks Frank Sr. was the sniper who actually killed JFK and how Tom Cage was involved in the assassination.

Forrest finds out where Tom is and sends his Black Team after him. They take him to Walt's RV, and Forrest and Tom come to an understanding. After Forrest leaves Snake and Sonny show up supposedly with food for the Black Team and take Tom from them. Snake has figured out that Forrest is planning to double cross them and gets Billy to confirm it, and tell them where Forrest is keeping Tom. Snake also tells Billy that Elam molested both his sons and his older grandsons. When Frank Jr. committed suicide in Vietnam due to the molestation Frank Sr. took Elam to The Bone Tree and killed him. Before he died he revealed he had also molested Forrest but not Billy.

Walt is finally able to get out of Fort Knox and tries to find where Forrest has Tom.

Penn realizes Forrest planted drugs on Sheriff Dennis. They use a K9 dog to find the drugs and remove them. Penn then advises Sheriff Dennis to plant the drugs on the Double Eagles.

Jordan Glass goes with Caitlin to find The Bone Tree. Before they can find it they find a body and the police are called in. Caitlin loses her map, when she dives into the water to make sure the body isn't Tom Cage. Jordan has to leave for the New Orleans Airport, but before she leaves she gives Caitlin a copy she made of the map and her multi tool. Caitlin is approached by a young black man at the gas station where she is meeting Terry (one of her newspaper employees), Harold offers to take her to the Bone Tree for money. She goes with him but leaves Terry behind to man the phones. Because the man was black Caitlin never dreamed he was working for Forrest. When they get to the Bone Tree Harold shoots her in the heart. A dying Caitlin finds an unconscious Tom Cage, inside the Bone Tree.

Kaiser gets Sonny to talk but because he was gone so long Snake gets suspicious. Forrest arranges an attack on the house where Peggy and Annie are staying, while Kaiser and Penn are making sure Peggy and Annie are safe Forrest arranges for a bomb threat to force an evacuation of the city jail. The FBI guy left in charge refuses to allow the special prisoners to be evacuated fearing that it is an attempt to break them out, but when the lights go out the cell doors are opened giving Snake time to get in Sonny's cell and kill him. Jordan calls and tells Penn that she is afraid that Caitlin went back into the swamp after she left. Penn heads for the swamp and Kaiser heads back to the jail to deal with Sonny's death.

Walt is tracking Forrest and Ozan who are near the swamp.

Caitlin gives Tom the last peppermint in her purse and revives him. A handcuffed Tom tells Caitlin how to use the multi-tool and the tube from a pen to relieve the pressure on her heart. A desperate Caitlin performs surgery on herself and succeeds in relieving the pressure. Tom then goes back into a diabetic coma. The tube becomes clogged and a weakened Caitlin tries desperately to clear it but passes out before she can. Penn Cage arrives moments to late. While everyone is busy dealing with Caitlin's death at the hospital Tom walks out of the hospital and gets in contact with Walt who picks him up. They go to Pythia's house to hideout and so Tom can receive the medical care he needs.

Peggy drugs Penn to keep him from doing something stupid.

Forrest and Ozan set fire to the Bone Tree and clear out Fort Knox.

Griffith Mackiever and Kaiser team up.

Tom resurfaces at Henry Sexton's funeral where he delivers the eulogy and Kaiser (as prearranged) takes him into custody afterwards.

Penn goes to Fort Knox to confront Forrest, when Forrest reveals that Caitlin was pg when she died Penn snaps and kills him. Walt arrives and takes out Ozan before he can kill Penn and they flee the scene. Billy arrives shortly thereafter and finds a memory card from a security camera Walt missed and has Penn arrested for the murder of Forrest. Some fancy footwork by Kaiser and Mackiever has Penn exonerated.

Supposedly the DNA test Tom had run proves he is Lincoln's Father. I really hope it doesn't. We know Tom had a DNA test run on Lincoln's baby teeth, but we don't know whose DNA he compared it too. Tom and Walt have been exonerated for killing the State police officer, but Tom still has to stand trial for Viola's murder.

Snake brings down the plane with the evidence the FBI collected against the Double Eagles on board.

I really have to say I am furious that Iles' killed off Caitlin after she fought so hard to live. I also don't have much interest in the third book in the trilogy as the only question left is who killed Viola.

I was right Jimmy Revels did live. His survival is revealed when Jimmy and Swan's grandson comes to Henry's funeral, along with Swan.

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Natchez Burning (Penn Cage, #4)


May 1, 2015

Wicked #4 (in my opinion) Blind Spot by Nancy Bush

Blind SpotBlind Spot by Nancy Bush
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Why this book isn't included in the Wicked Series is beyond me. I think it should probably be #3 in the series. It is also much better written than the other books in the series maybe because Bush wrote it alone. The ones written by her and her sister Lisa Jackson seem choppy to me. It also answers a lot of the questions people have about the series.

A pregnant Natasha (aka Tasha) runs away from Siren Song with Rafe. She is found at a truck stop in a catatonic state after being stabbed in the shoulder and with cuts around her abdomen. Rafe dies from stab wounds shortly after they are found by a trucker.

After Jane Doe (Tasha) recovers from her injuries she is taken to Halo Valley Mental Hospital (where Justice is at) where Claire Norris becomes her doctor. Langdon Stone is investigating the homicide and must put aside his anger over his sister's death at Halo Valley by a wealthy mental patient there. Lang and Claire team up to find out Tasha's identity. At first Catherine denies that Tasha is a member of The Colony but she finally reveals that Tasha is but that Tasha is dangerous. Later it is revealed that Tasha poisoned Nathanial (who is mentioned in the Wicked Series Books several times).

Rafe's former girlfriend Rita wants a baby and she thinks that Tasha's baby belongs to her. She seduces one of the Doctor's at Halo Valley and gets a job there. She kidnaps Tasha, but Tasha gets away and goes to Rafe's cousin Cade. Cade plans to shoot Rita when she comes after Tasha, but he winds up dead and Tasha is found with another stab wound and in labor. She manages to identify Rita as the assailant before she gives birth and slips back into another catatonic state. Rita kidnaps the baby from the hospital but Lang finds her and the baby goes to social services.

Tasha is taken back to Halo Valley where she poisons one of the patients to create a diversion and takes Claire hostage. Lang with the help of the patient that killed his sister (who is now on his medication) take Tasha down. We learn that Rita followed Rafe and Tasha to the truck stop and attacked Tasha but that Rafe fought her off and that Tasha stabbed him for letting Rita go. Tasha flat lines at the end of the book and Claire and Lang make plans to marry and adopt Tasha's baby.

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Apparently Unseen by Bush should be #2