Apr 26, 2015

Wicked Ways (Wicked #4)

Wicked Ways (Wicked #4)Wicked Ways by Lisa Jackson
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OK, most people don't automatically assume that just because they are angry with someone it's somehow their fault when the person drops dead so excuse me if I find Elizabeth's "fears" a tad neurotic. Once she gets over feeling guilty about all the deaths of those she ill wished, the book is much more interesting. She does have a gift for seeing things before they happen.

Elizabeth's cheating husband and the slut he is sleeping with die in a car accident. The police suspect foul play and Elizabeth is their number one suspect due to a woman matching her description being spotted at a hotel the cheaters were at. Elizabeth is distraught over the deaths, and continuously agonizes over the deaths of her boss (she now has the majority of her real estate clients), Officer Unfriendly (who gave her a ticket) and GoodGuy (who cut her off in traffic). Meanwhile her friends from the "Mom's Group" offer their support. Daughter Chloe is getting messages from a "Man" who says he loves her Mom, but has done bad things.

Meanwhile Ravinia s trying to track Elizabeth down for Catherine. She winds up hiring Private Investigator Rex Kingston and they eventually find Elizabeth. While Elizabeth doesn't take to Ravinia she is immediately attracted to Rex and when the police become hostile to her she hires Rex to prove her innocence. Before he can she receives letters from the stalker confessing to killing all those people to make Elizabeth's life better and insisting that they are fated to be together. Rex takes the letters to the authorities while Elizabeth goes to pick up Chloe, but they are abducted by Nadia (who is actually the "obsessed lover", Chloe was wrong about it being a man sending the messages). Chloe uses her abilities to contact Ravinia who is able to tell Rex that Nadia is the stalker. They go to Nadia's house and find her husband in the freezer. Chloe is able to get another message to Ravinia telling her where they are at and Ravinia and Rex rush to the rescue. Just as it looks as if Elizabeth and Nadia are both about to go over the cliff the wolf that followed Ravinia from Deception Bay shows up and takes Nadia over the cliff. Nadia's body is eventually found.

Elizabeth and Ravinia go to Deception Bay where Catherine reveals that Nadia (aka Lost Baby Girl) was the daughter of Mary's Father (Ravinia's Grandfather) and the Shaman's daughter. Catherine also reveals that when Thomas Durant returned to Deception Bay, they didn't know who he was and Mary slept with him. Sleeping with her own father and becoming pregnant by him is what drove Mary mad. Thomas Durant's was the bones buried in Mary's grave and that were dug up and burned on Echo Island in Something Wicked .
Ravinia sees the wolf again and Charlie leaves Canada headed for Elizabeth and her family.

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