Apr 12, 2015

The Well of Ascension (Mistborn, #2)

The Well of Ascension (Mistborn, #2)The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson
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Really getting tired of my favorite characters being killed off. In book one we lost the main character Kelsier. In book two we senselessly lose Dockson, Clubs and Tindwyl. And Breeze is left mentally shattered.

A year after Mistborn Elend is King. At Sazed's request Tindwyl comes to instruct Elend on how to behave in a more kingly manner. Alas her instruction is to late as the Assembly votes Elend out of office.

Three men are vying for the throne of Luthadel; Cett, Elend's father Straff and Penrod. Elend's former friend Jastes Lekal has a army of Koloss outside the gates further complicating matters. When Penrod wins the election Cett withdraws from Luthadel after being attacked by Vin, leaving Straff and Jastes' armies outside the gates. Fearing that Elend and Vin will be killed Sazed concocts a plan to get Elend and Vin to leave the doomed Luthadel, along with Spook and Allrianne (Cett's daughter and Breeze's girlfriend). Soon after they are out of the city Allrianne leaves the group in search of her Father. She hopes to convince him to return and help Luthadel.

When Elend's group encounter Jastes and his human officers following them Spook reveals that Sazed lied about the city being safe and used a ruse to get Elend and Vin to safety. Elend executes Jastes for leaving the Koloss behind to attack Luthadel, and Vin burns pewter in an attempt to arrive in Luthadel in time to help.

The attack on Luthadel is brutal. Sazed is using every bit of power he has stored to hold his gate. But when his stored power runs out his gate begins to fall, and then Vin arrives. The other gates have already fallen and the survivors are taking refuge in the Keeps. Vin finds a way to take control of the Koloss and saves Luthadel from their attack.

The next day Straff plans to attack a weakened Luthadel, but Vin attacks him first. Killing Straff and the majority of his Generals. Cett joins forces with Vin and Elend (who hasn't arrived at the city yet) is made Emperor. And exhausted Vin leaves Sazed in charge while she sleeps.

On the way back to Luthadel Elend and Spook discover refugees from Terris who reveal that the Inquisitors have attacked Terris and killed the Keepers, any survivors have been enslaved. Elend arrives in Luthadel just as Vin awakens. She reveals that the Well of Ascension is in the city and goes to Kredik Shaw to look for it with the survivors of the crew. Vin and Elend become separated from the others and find the Well of Ascension. The mist spirit that has been trying to communicate with them appears and mortally wounds Elend in an attempt to keep Vin from releasing the power in the Well. Vin is tempted to use the power to save Elend, but realizes he wouldn't want her to take the power for herself to save him so she releases it. Too late she realize that was a mistake and that she has freed a monster. The mist spirit reappears and shows Vin how to save Elend (who is now Mistborn and can burn pewter to heal).

Sazed who is heartbroken over the death of his lover Tindwyl, leaves Luthadel. He returns to the Conventical of Seran where he discovers that the rubbing he took of Kwaan's writings doesn't match the steel plate, and that the monster perverted the Terris faith in order to gain it's release.

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