Apr 23, 2015

The Hero of Ages (Mistborn, #3)

The Hero of Ages (Mistborn, #3)The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson
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Instead of taking the power for herself and saving Elend, Vin released Ruin into the world. Now Vin and her friends are working desperately to unravel The Lord Ruler's clues and stop Ruin.

TenSoon returns to the Kandra Homeland in hopes of convincing the First Generation that they must help Vin and that it is time for the Resolution. KanPaar from the Second Generation undermines TenSoon and has him imprisoned. TenSoon escapes and goes to find Vin, but winds up finding Sazed(in Urteau) instead. He tells Sazed that the First Generation Kandra are the Terris packmen that were with The Lord Ruler at The Well of Ascension. Sazed goes to the Kandra Homeland to speak with The First Generation. They reveal the fact that Ruin's body (the atium) is hidden in their homeland. In order to prevent Ruin from controlling them the majority of the Kandra remove "their blessings" and revert to mistwraiths. KanPaar and his followers attempt to take the atium to Ruin but Sazed stops them. Sazed calls for help and Vin sends Elend to the Kandra Homeland. Sazed reveals the secret of the atium and Elend realizes that those soldiers who fell sick to the mist sickness the longest can burn it so he has everyone who can burn atium ingest it and fight the Koloss that Ruin has sent against them. Ruin is furious when he discovers all the atium has been used.

Spook was sent to Urteau as a spy. While gathering information against Quellion (the ruler of Urteau) he falls for Quellion's sister Beldre. Quellion is executing anyone with noble blood but is saving Allomancers who agree to work for him. While viewing one of the executions of nobles Spook speaks to Beldre and Quellion spots him. He sends his Allomancers after Spook and Spook is stabbed. Spook awakes in a burning building with part of the sword that stabbed him still inside his body, he sees a vision of Kel (it's actually Ruin) telling him to go upstairs and drink the pewter he finds in the desk. To Spook's surprise he is able to burn the pewter and escapes the burning building. He becomes known as the "Survivor of the Fire" to the people of Urteau. When Breeze, Sazed and Allrianne arrive they realize diplomacy will fail and concoct a scheme with Spook to overthrow the city. Things get out of hand but Spook realizes that he is being controlled by Ruin because of the piece of metal inside him and pulls it out, he also pulls the metal out of Quellion. Spook becomes badly burned running through the fire at the ministry building in order to provide water to put the fires throughout the city out. Unable to burn pewter he is not expected to survive. But he rallies long enough to have a message sent to Vin and Elend telling them not to trust anyone with metal piercing their bodies.

Marsh (who is being controlled by Ruin) kills the messenger. When Vin tricks Ruin into believing the atium is at Luthadel he sends all his Steel Inquisitors after her. She defeats them all but Marsh. Marsh is fixing to kill her when he regains control for a brief moment and snatches the earring Vin always wears out of her ear. This allows Vin to burn the mist and recover. She becomes Preservation and fights Ruin to a stalemate.

Ruin turns his attention to Elend and has him killed. Once Elend is dead Vin has nothing left to live for and destroys Ruin. Sazed (The Hero of Ages) takes the Powers of Ruin and Preservation and remakes the world. He provides books for Spook who he heals and turns into a full Mistborn.

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