Apr 17, 2015

Something Wicked (Wicked #3)

Something Wicked (Wicked #3)Something Wicked by Lisa Jackson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Savannah is acting as a surrogate for her sister Kristina & Hale St. Cloud. But Kristina isn't acting like herself and and at various times ask both her husband Hale and sister Savannah if they believe in sorcery.

Before taking maternity leave Savannah is hoping to wrap the Donatella case up, she has also been asked to investigate Mary's death by Catherine who wants the investigation kept on the DL. While Savannah heads to Portland to interview some Bancroft employees, Kristina goes to meet her lover "Good Time Charlie" aka Declan Jr (Mary told him he was Declan Bancroft's son) who attempts to kill her. Kristina is found still alive and taken to the hospital. Hale calls Savannah to tell her and she starts home from Portland only to be caught in a storm in the mountain pass when she goes into labor. When Hale finds out Savannah is wrecked on the side of the road and realizes that the emergency services are stretched thin he goes to rescue Savannah himself, and winds up delivering his son on the side of the road. Shortly after Hale, Savannah and Baby Declan get to the hospital Kristina dies.

Catherine is in the hospital after "falling" at Siren Song and Ravinia and Ophelia are there with her. Ravinia takes the chance to talk to Savannah. Catherine also starts opening up to Ravinia and gets her to help with digging up Mary's body and putting it in the grave with Mary's tombstone on it and removing the bones of Declan Jr's Father. When they dig up the grave they discover "the bones" are missing Catherine realizes Silas (Mary's son with Hale's Father) removed the bones and burned them on Echo Island after he gives Ravinia the adoption papers Catherine was looking for. Catherine also ask Ravinia to find her daughter Elizabeth and keep her safe when Ravinia leaves Siren Song. Ravinia seems to be accompanied on her journey by a mysterious Wolf.

Charlie captures Savannah and takes her to the Donatella house, and uses Savannah to lure Hale there. Hale calls and tells Detective Clausen Savannah is in trouble and Clausen says he will meet him at Bancroft Bluff. Clausen gets to the Donatella house before Hale and Charlie shots him, but Savannah manages to escape. While Charlie is pursuing Savannah a homeless man (Mickey) enters the Donatella house and starts building a fire. Shortly after that Hale arrives and then Charlie enters the house intent on killing Hale. Mickey manages to trip Charlie and he falls into the fire. Savannah enters the home and a badly burnt Charlie shoots at Savannah and Hale but hits Mickey before he escapes with the help of Hale's former nanny.

Really wished more questions were answered in the book, the secrets seemed to be doled out sparingly and there always seem to be new questions that need answers.

* I think Mickey/Silas/Wolf may have been the same person. And Mickey's fate is unknown. We know he was hit, but we do not know if he survived his wounds.

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