Apr 14, 2015

Private Vegas (Private, #9)

Private Vegas (Private, #9)Private Vegas by James Patterson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jack Morgan is hoping to get back together with his on again off again girlfriend Justine, so is dismayed to discover she is having a "relationship" with Cruz.

Tommy is still trying to take Private away from Jack and has the help of mobster Ray Noccia.

Rick is on trial for assaulting his former girlfriend, the evidence is stacked against him and it looks like he is going down when Jack discovers the main witness against Rick was actually paid by Tommy to set Rick up.

Hal Archer murdered his wife, but will the jury consider it was in self defense after learning that his wife was part of a ring of women who were schooled by Olsen to marry wealthy older men and then kill them for their money.

Khezir and Gozan (Sumerian diplomats with connections to the royal family) have been sexually abusing women and getting away with it due to diplomatic immunity. Now three women are dead and the authorities know Khezir and Gozan are responsible but fear of a diplomatic incident allows them to walk until "speeder" Lori plows her car into them ending the murderous duo once and for all.

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